How to Build a Patio Roof Addition

What You'll Need
Pressure treated lumber
Drill and drill bits
Plywood sheets
Roofing shingles
Roofing tacks
Stainless steel nuts
Stainless steel bolts
Spirit level
Asphalt roll

Patios are wonderful spaces in your garden where you can relax and soak up the rays however a patio roof addition can make the space even more useful and comfortable. A patio roof addition is actually a very simple type of roof which is made out of a frame and waterproof material. By adding a roof to your patio you will be able to create shade and protection from the rain very easily.

Building your own patio roof addition is actually very simple as long as a the right tools are used and a few simple steps are considered.

Step 1 - Planning

The very first thing that you need to do before you start doing any work is to plan the entire project. You need to measure the size of your patio and make sure that the patio roof addition will be large enough to cover it. Once you know the size of the roof you should be able to decide on the locations for each of the support posts for the roof.

Step 2 - Digging

Now you need to dig the holes in the right location for the support posts, these need to be at least 18 inches deep to provide enough stability when the supports are cemented into the ground. Put the same size post in each hole and fill the hole with concrete. Ensure that all of the posts are level and the same height. Use a level on the top and the sides of the posts to make sure they are straight and vertical. If you're having trouble holding these in place then you might find that lightly tacking a piece of scrap wood as a support for the legs will work very well.

You will now need to wait for the concrete in the holes to dry overnight with the bracing left until the posts have set and dried completely. If you want the roof to slope away from the house then this is possible by making the legs farthest away from the house slightly shorter, by creating a minimum of a 3/12 drop for every foot you should be able to easily get water to drain away from your house.

Step 3 - Fixing the Roof

Now you will need to give some thought to the location where you will fix the roof onto the support posts. Use bolts to secure the beams to the posts and make sure that the beams are all cut to the right lengths. Secure the beams on the posts using the stainless steel bolts and nuts. Joists will then be connected between these roof beams to offer extra support.

Step 4 - Covering the Roof

Once the roof has been covered with beams you then need to fix plywood sheets to cover the joists and beams. This should be nailed down into the joists and beams, it will be easier to do this if the beams are in a regular place. The roof can now be covered using asphalt sheeting which is a waterproof membrane designed to protect your roof from the elements.