How to Build a Patio Water Fountain

What You'll Need
3 flowerpots of decreasing sizes
Water fountain pump
Waterproof sealant or adhesive
Plastic tube
Pump hoses
Tube, preferably made from plastic
Plastic flowerpot stands

You can change the entire ambience of your patio by adding a simple patio water fountain. Build your own with a single pot, either clay or plastic, or a number of pots for a tiered effect. Follow these simple steps to begin this inexpensive project and you will soon enjoy the calming sound of flowing water in the personal space of your patio.  

Step 1: Seal the Hole in the Base Pot

Clean all your pots thoroughly and let them dry.

For the base of the fountain, use a pot with no hole, or fill the hole completely with the sealant or adhesive. Apply a coat or 2 of paint to it to prevent water seepage. Set the pot aside for a few hours for the paint to set and dry.  

Step 2: Place Pump in the Base Pot

Place the water fountain pump in the base of the largest pot, ensuring the opening is not obstructed. Attach a plastic tube to the top of the water pump and cut it off at a height that is a little shorter than that of all the flowerpots combined. Run the electric fountain cord up and out near the back of this pot. 

Step 3: Placing Second Pot on the Base

Put one of the plastic plant stands into the base flowerpot. Make sure the stands are small enough to fit into the flowerpots, or use a brick if you can not find stands that work. You may need to cut a bit of the stand so the second flowerpot’s base is at least an inch below the rim of the base pot.

Next, put the second pot carefully on top of the stand in the base flowerpot, making sure the plastic tube goes through the hole in its base. The tube should fit into the hole easily and seal off any remaining area around the tube with sealant.  

Step 4: Placing the Third Pot on the Second Pot

Place another plastic stand into the second flowerpot and gently position the third smallest flowerpot on top of it. You can make your fountain with 2 pots if you want, but try not to make it more than 3 tiers if you want the pump to work efficiently. Make sure the brim of this third flowerpot is the smallest so water can run down into the middle sized pot and then the largest one. Slide the tube into the hole and cut off the remainder, once again sealing any extra area around it.

Step 5: Testing the Fountain

After allowing the sealant to dry, fill the base pot with water and turn the fountain pump on. The pump will push the water from the base  through the hole and into the second pot. Fill the base pot again so the pump can continue pumping water this way into the third pot and water starts running down the side.

If you like, you fill the pots with pebbles or stones so that the fountain will require less water.