How to Build a Pedestal Bed

What You'll Need
4-inch brass-plated hinges (4 pairs)
Hand Saw
4x8-inch plywood, 1/2 -inch thick (2)
2x6-inch lumber (4)
Safety Glasses
Working Gloves

A pedestal bed is easy to set up, dismantle and install. This type of bed does not require a box spring and is therefore easier to move than a standard bed with a box spring. With standard construction materials, you can follow the simple steps below to build your own pedestal bed.

Step 1- Cut Plywood to Standard Bed Dimension

Determine what size you want your bed to be and make your measurements. You can choose from a standard bed size, double bed size and queen size bed. Use the guide below.

  • Twin - 39x75 inches
  • Twin X-Long - 39x80 inches
  • Full - 54x75 inches
  • Queen - 60x80 inches
  • King - 76x80 inches
  • California King - 72x84 inches

Cut the 2x6 plywood in accordance with your measurements using a saw. Regardless if you are using a hand saw or an electric power saw, protect yourself from accidental injury by wearing protective equipment when sawing such as safety glasses, working mask and gloves.

Step 2 - Bed Frame

The next step is to install the hinges on each corner of the cut plywood pieces. Secure the cut plywood pieces in an upright position by leaning it against the wall and install the hinges at each corner of the cut plywood. Make sure that the hinge pins are positioned outside the boards. Do not insert the hinge pins as of this moment. These will serve as your bed frame.

Step 3 - Mattress Support

From the leftovers of the 2x6-inch plywood, cut two cross braces about 42 inches and one shorter piece at 16 inches. These two pieces should securely overlap each other to reach a total length of 54 inches. These 2 pieces of plywood will serve as a support for the mattress and should  be installed in the inside of the bed frame.

Step 4 - Bed Frame

To set up the bed frame, align the corners of the frame. Then insert the hinge pins. This will hold the bed together securely. The hinge pin will also allow your pedestal bed to be easily  dismantled when needed for either repositioning or replacement.

Step 5 - Interior Bed Frame

Within the interiors of the bed frame, the cross braces should be laid down at the edges. The distance of each should be about 36 inches from the ends. Two pieces of plywood should be laid atop the bed frame to meet at the midway area. Using some screws, fasten it into the bed frame.

Step 6 - Put on the Mattress

Using a good sturdy mattress, place this on top of the finished frame, covering the pedestal bed with the preferred beddings. Mix and match the decors of the bedroom to the sheets, the auxiliary furniture and curtains to create a bed space that suites your taste.