How to Build a Pellet Stove

During the cold nights and days, a pellet stove can give you the warmth you need to stay comfortable. Aside from giving the warmth you need, it is also better solution compared to wood burning stoves as it is less damaging to the environment. It is also much more affordable, especially if you make one yourself with the help of the steps provided below. 

Step 1 – Get Hold of a Water Heater 

Before you can start on making your own pellet stove, find an electric water heater that can hold about 30 to 50 gallons.  

Step 2 - Examine the Tank 

Check the insides of the tank for any rust or corrosion. Get access to the inner layer of the water heater by taking of the steel wrapper. Don’t forget to also check the inner layer.  

Step 3 - Weld and Cut 

Place the electric water heater on its side on your work place and weld the legs on. Turn the stove over and cut off a part of the top of one end of the heater. Turn it upside down and weld the part you cut off back on in place.  

Step 4 - Make a Flat Cook Surface 

Create a flat cook surface by welding the vertical sides and flat portion of steel on top of the upside down piece; this will also create an air channel inside the wood stove. Make a hole near the back of the upside down piece where the air will enter the air channel. The hole will force the hot gases inside the stove to flow forward through the stove and will heat more of the stove and its surroundings.  

Step 5 - Create a Damper  

Create a hole close to the back of the stove top and make a cover attached to a steel rod, so you can open and close the air through the air channel when needed. You don’t want the air traveling forward through the air channel to hold back your efforts when you are lighting the pellet stove. Make a damper near the intake of the pellet stove that you can control when needed.  

Step 6 - Have the Intake Controlled by a Lever  

Make a hole near the bottom back of the stove so that air from the outside will enter through a pipe. When the necessary air is directly piped in from the outside into the stove, there is a lesser risk of depriving yourself and your family of oxygen.  

Step 7 - Have a Damper Installed in Your Chimney Pipe  

See to it that the gases that come from the stove can escape through the chimney pipe which is located near the upper back portion of the stove.  

Step 8 - Finish the Stove 

Spraying your own made pellet stove will not only give it a nice color, it will also help in preserving the metal.  

Step 9 - Light your New Pellet Stove  

Load the stove with pellets and light the wood pellets with the lighting method of your choice. To make it easier, you can light the pellets with lighter fluid and then use a commercial lighter or even matches.