How to Build a Ping Pong Table

paddle and ball laying near net on ping pong table
What You'll Need
2 x 2 lumber pieces
Measuring tape
Rotary saw
2 sheets of 1/2 " plywood, each 4' x 12'
Wood glue
2 1/2" Wood screws
Green paint
White paint
Masking tape

If you're planning to play a lot of ping-pong, and if you have a large enough space in your home, why not add a ping-pong table? With the right materials, tools, and instructions, you can build one of these tables for yourself, your friends, and your family.

Step 1 - Build Your Table to Regulation Size

You'll want your table to be regulation size, which is nine feet long, five feet wide, and 30 inches high. Make the table top out of plywood.

Step 2 - Build Your Table Frame

To make your table base, cut two pieces of 2 x 2 lumber, each nine feet long. Cut two more pieces, each 4' 8" long. Lay these pieces on a flat surface with the long pieces parallel with each other and nearly five feet apart. Then, lay one short piece between the long pieces at the top end, and the other short piece between the long pieces at the bottom end. This should form a triangle nine feet long and five feet wide. Drill a guide hole through the top and bottom ends of the long pieces and into the ends of the short pieces. Attach each corner with screws driven into the sides of the long pieces and into the ends of the short pieces.

Step 3 - Build Your Table Top

hammer and nails on plywood sheet

Measure and cut your plywood sheets so that you have two pieces, each 4' wide, 5' long. Cut two more pieces, the first piece, 5' long and 2' wide, the second piece, 5' long and 1' wide. Place the two large pieces side-by-side, with a 1' gap between them, place the narrower of the two small pieces between the two large pieces. When fastened together, these three pieces should make one piece, 5' wide, 9' long. Use the wider of the two narrow pieces as a plate that spans the middle of the tabletop where the three pieces are joined together. Then, use wood screws to fasten the plate to the three top pieces. This will make one solid table top, 5' wide and 9' long. Countersink the screws and fill in the holes with wood filler.

Step 4 - Attach Frame to Table Top

Use wood glue, wood screws, and clamps to attach the frame to the bottom surface of the table top.

Step 5 - Cut and Attach the Table Legs

Measure and cut four legs from the 2 x 2's, each 29 ½ inches long. Use screws to attach each leg at a corner of the table, at the inside edge of the frame.

Step 6 - Finish

Fill with wood putty the cracks in the table top made by connecting the three pieces of plywood. When the filler is dry, sand the joints. Paint the table with medium green paint. When the paint is dry, use masking tape and white paint to make a narrow border.