How to Build a Planter Bench How to Build a Planter Bench

What You'll Need
2 Sturdy, wide-lipped ceramic pots of at least 18 inches tall and wide
Tape measure
Sander and medium grit sandpaper
Saber saw
Deck sealer
Scrap cardboard
(4) 10 feet 2 by 6 inch wooden slats
(2) 9 feet, 11 1/2 inch 2 by 6 inch wooden slats
(8) 19 1/4 inch 2 by 6 inch wooden slats
2 Pounds of 3 inch deck screws

With more and more people living in apartments, a planter bench can be a delightful way to bring a little bit of nature to any apartment. A planter bench also makes for a lovely and sophisticated addition to your garden, porch, or patio. The following steps show you how to make a striking planter bench without much hassle.

Step1 - Building the Ladder-Like Planter Bench Frame

The planter bench frame, once completed will resemble a ladder. To start, place the two 9 feet slats parallel to each other and put 2 of the 19 1/4 inch slats at each end on the inside to form a long rectangle. Secure the first short slat to the 9 foot slats with deck screws on one end of the frame.

Secure another 19 1/4 inch slat to the inside of the long slats 6 inches from the first short slat. The third short slat needs to be secured 20 inches from the second slat.

Starting from the opposite end, secure the first short slat to the 9 foot slats with deck screws in exactly the same manner you did previously. The second slat should be secured 6 inches from the first slat and the third 20 inches from the second slat. Your frame will now look identical on both sides.

Use the remaining slats and space these exactly 18 1/2 inches away from the third slat on each side and secure with deck screws.

Using fine grade sandpaper and sand the frame by rubbing the sandpaper over the wood in the direction of the grain until the wood feels smooth to the touch to prepare it for the sealer.

Step 2 - Putting the Top On

To make the top of your planter bench, you will need to make use of the four 10 foot wooden slats.

Place the first 10 foot top boards on the frame so that it has an overhang of 1/4 inch along the side and the ends. Secure to the frame with screws.

Secure the remaining top boards to the frame ensuring that they are spaced apart with a 1/4 inch gap between each slat as well as a 1/4 inch overhang on the sides.

Step 3 - Making Room for the Pots

Measure the inside diameter of one of the pots and cut out a cardboard circle with a diameter of 2 inches less than that of the pot.

Place the pots between the second and third slat of the bench and allow the bench to rest on top of the pots.

Center the cardboard circle over each pot and trace the outline with a pencil.

Cut out the circles with the saber saw.

Step 4 - Finishing Off

Sand the bench top and cut the sides with the medium grit sandpaper until smooth. Always remember to sand with the grain of the wood and never against it to ensure that your wood is smooth.

Using a paintbrush, seal the wood of your planter bench using a good deck sealer by painting the sealer on in long strokes in the direction of the grain and allow it to dry completely.

Once your planter bench is dry, place the pots on your patio, in your garden, or even indoors positioning the bench on top of the pots and start filling your pots with plants through the cut-outs.

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