How To Build A Play Barn

What You'll Need
Power Drill
Power Screwdriver
Power Table Saw
Wood Screws
Door Hardware
6-foot Squares of Plywood (8)
Angle Brackets

A play barn can be a child’s dream come true. This project can be completed over a weekend or two. Once you have completed a play barn, it is easy to expand the play buildings with a house, garage or outdoor garden.

Step 1 - Mark which plywood pieces are the front, back and sides of the barn. Draw windows and a door frame on the plywood.

Step 2
- Cut the plywood into 6 foot squares. Place one piece on the floor for the bottom of the barn and attach the 4 sides with the wood screws. In the end, you should have a box.

Screw angle brackets to the sides to steady and support the box frame. Screw another piece of plywood to the top of the barn.

Step 3 - Using the power saw, cut out the doors and windows from the box you have just made. Use a sander to remove splinters and smooth out the edges.

Step 4
- Take the wood you just cut from the barn door and cut it in half lengthwise. You will use this wood for the barn door. Sand all of the edges to remove splinters. Screw hinges to the door and to both sides of the barn door opening.

Step 5 - Angle the two remaining sheets of plywood together to form the barn room. Screw the roof into place where they meet the top edges of the box. Screw a 2-by-1 piece of wood between the two sides of the roof to create a roof beam and prevent water from seeping inside the roof. Sand all of the edges to remove splinters.

Step 6
- With the help of the kids, paint the barn bright red and the roof black. Add white trim to complete the look of a real barn.