How to Build a Plywood Table

What You'll Need
Saw, Manual or Electric
C-Clamps to hold plywood in place
Palm Sander
Ruler or measuring tape
Wood Glue
Putty Knife
Sand paper
Work Bench
Finishing Nails
Metal Corner Braces
Face mask
Working Gloves
Safety Goggles

Building a plywood table is not a difficult job and you can easily do this on your own at home. To your build your own plywood table, here is what you should do.

Step 1 – Get the Work Area Ready

Clear off a working area enough to work when cutting the plywood. There will be lots of dust; use a face mask and keep the area well-ventilated. A work bench will help in setting up the plywood when sawing. When using electric saw, ensure this is safely set aside when not in use and keep loose power cord tucked away.

Step 2 – Cut the Plywood into Parts

Measure 36 inches by 48 inches on plywood for the table top and mark these using a pencil. Cut the plywood using a saw. Measure and then cut 36 inches by 4 inches on the remaining plywood. Using this as your template, draw seven (7) more pieces of the same part on what’s left of the plywood and then cut these. You will use two (2) glued pieces of each part to form each leg of the table. Drive 1½ -inch nails at 5 inches distance from each end and another one at the middle. This will ensure rigid joining of glued parts. Now you have to cut parts for the underside of the table. Cut two (2) pieces 48 inches length and 4 inches width and two (2) pieces 36 inches length and 4 inches width from the remaining material.

Step 3 – Fix the Parts and Assemble the Underside

Spread wood glue evenly into the top surface of the leg pieces and join each pair by clamping using the C-clamp. Let this dry. Spread glue into the side potion of the four (4) underside pieces and stand one piece at the bottom part of the table forming right angle with the edge. Hammer 1½ -inch nail on this diagonally so the tip of nail doesn’t pass through the table top. The underside must align along the edge of the table top. Do this for all the remaining three (3) pieces to complete the underside assembly. Flip the table top. Hit 1½ -inch nails at ½-inch from the edge of the table. Make five (5) of this at each side.

Step 3 – Assemble the Legs

Flip the table top again, this time exposing the underside in top position. Take the joined leg piece and position this at the corner of the underside for support. The 4 inches side should face the longest side of the table. Mark the portion then spread with wood glue – at the tip where it rests on the bottom part of the table and the portions supported by the underside. Hammer in 2 inches nails from outside portion of the underside driving full length into the inner part towards the leg piece. Hit another nail on the other side as well.  Attach the remaining leg parts like the first one.

Step 4 – Smoothen Rough Surface and Edges

Put on face mask and smoothen the rough surfaces. Use putty to level uneven surfaces.

Step 5 – Finishing up

You may choose to apply paint or wood varnish whichever you prefer.