How to Build a Pole Shed

What You'll Need
Wooden posts
Roof attachments
Tin roof

A pole shed is a basic construction which is typically used for the purposes of agriculture. They are one of the simplest buildings to make, needing only the most rudimentary construction skills, as well as basic tools such as hammers and nails. The wood used to make a pole shed does not need to be very expensive, and the shed can easily be constructed in any required size. Following a few simple steps, even a novice home improvement fan can make a pole shed.

Step 1: Planning the Shed

Even the simplest of construction projects needs a plan of action before beginning. Draw out a clear sketch of how you intend the shed to look. This will help you to visualize the shed, and to make any necessary changes before you start work with the wood. It is a good idea at this point to check local building codes, and ask the advice of your planning office, as this will ensure that your structure meets all requirements. Once you have been given permission to go ahead, clear the vegetation from the area where your shed will go and dig a 6 foot hole which is the same square footage as your intended shed. Fill 3 feet of the hole with rubble and gravel, and then the remaining 3 feet should be filled with concrete to make a solid base for your shed. 

Step 2 - Digging the Posts

You will need to dig two parallel rows of post holes. The holes for the posts should be dug using either a professional pot-hole differ, or a simple trowel, and you will need 3 each side for a small shed, increasing the number of posts to enlarge the shed. Make sure that your holes are slightly larger than the posts, and are deep enough to support the full length of the posts. A layer of gravel should then be put into the bottom of the hole, to ensure that the hole has suitable drainage. Place the post in the hole, and then fill the space around it with concrete. You should use a brace to support the poles while the concrete is setting: this can be done by lightly nailing a piece of 2-by-4 wood upright to the hole. Remove this once the concrete is dry.

Step 3 - Making the Roof

Once the posts are in position, you can begin to build the roof sections. The roof is usually an inverted V-shape, although other versions do exist. The extent of the roof should reflect the span of the poles that you have placed in the ground. Join all of the pieces of the roof together, and then place the tin sheeting on top of the wooden roof slats. You should be able to buy specialist roofing nails at a local home improvement store. These should be used to keep the tin from separating from the wood roof. When nailing the tin, ensure that the pieces overlap, to prevent moisture from hitting the wooden part of the roof. Lift the roof on to the top of the poles, and nail firmly into position. Your pole shed should now be ready for use. If you intend to store goods which need protecting from rain, you can create walls on your shed by covering the poles with plastic sheeting.