How to Build a Pond Bridge

There is something about a pond bridge that makes your pond all the more enjoyable. You can spend hours on the bridge enjoying the scenery and the tranquil water. Building one is not hard and takes only a little effort. Here are some steps taking you through the building process:

  1. Decide on the length of the bridge. Typical bridge lengths vary from 3’ span to as much as 12’ span. You can build a longer bridge if you need to.
  2. Get some lumbar to cut out the span length. Ideally, you would like to distribute the length of the bridge across shorter planks and link these together to create a long base support.
  3. To the base, you need to add the railing support and the flooring. Again, use wooden planks to place railings in steps and create a floor that can handle the weight on the bridge
  4. Add additional struts and extensions to strengthen your bridge and ensure that it will stay strong in all weather conditions and will not give way under ideal weight.
  5. (Optional) Have a structural engineer take a look at it if you are feeling unsure about it.