How to Build a Porch Bench for Kids

What You'll Need
Circular saw

Constructing a child’s porch bench will enhance the beauty of your outdoor area and provide a feeling of comfort for your children. They can sit on the bench to watch the birds, play or relax. You need only a few materials to build this porch bench, and although it only takes a relatively short time to build, it will last many years.

Step 1 – Planning the Construction

Start planning on the location where you want to put the bench, and how it will look in the end. If you want to put the bench on your porch area, then it is better if the bench would have arms and a back. Put a normal bracket brace between the bench’s legs if you want its length to be less than approximately 3 to 4 feet.

Step 2 – Making the Legs

Remember that you are making a backed porch bench for children, therefore you need to take 2 by 4 wooden boards and construct two frames in the shape of the letter H from these boards. If the bench is not very long, probably two frames are enough. However, if you want your porch bench to be longer, you may need more H-shaped frames. Fix the legs of the bench securely with bolts or dowels.

Step 3 – Making the Seat, Back and Arms

Build the back and the seat of your porch bench with 1 by 4 by 10 boards of pine wood. Make sure that you cut all wooden boards at equal lengths. You can cut the wood for the arms from these pine boards as well. Remember to use a piece of sandpaper in order to sand the wood slightly before putting the pieces together. If you want to paint the wood, apply primer first and then apply a wood sealer, so that the bench will have better protection against the outdoors.

Step 4 – Assembling the Pieces

Check the pieces and make sure that everything fits into place without bending them. Fix the seat, back and arms with bolts or screws. Capsize the seat and fasten the bench’s leg brackets to it. Remember that you have to assemble the back at the end and if you have more than three slats for the back, start with the upper slat and finish with the slat of the middle. Finish your child’s porch bench with paint or varnish, and put a cushion on the seat to make the little children more comfortable. The cushion will give your porch bench a more attractive appearance.

When constructing the porch bench, always remember that the height of the whole bench will be the total sum of the length of its legs, the thickness of its seat and the width of its back. If you decide to utilize tools to construct this children’s porch bench, make sure that you wear safety goggles and gloves. Never use polyurethane paint for furniture items located outdoors. Use exterior paint, deck stain or marine varnish instead.