How to Build a Portable Composting Toilet (Part 1 of 2)

Creating a portable composting toilet can be a great way to make your camping experience a bit easier and more enjoyable. These toilets are becoming more popular as they are convenient and easy to make. When you use this type of toilet, you will be able to create compost that you can use to fertilize plants without chemicals or anything that can harm the environment. Follow the simple steps below to begin building your own portable composting toilet.

Step 1 - Selecting a Plastic Bin

One of the main components of the portable composting toilet will be a plastic bin. There are many different types of plastic bin that you could use for this application, but the best type is the kind designed for storage. These bins are very durable and will hold up in the composting toilet for many years into the future.

Choose a bin according to the size that you want your composting toilet to be. If you want this to be easy to transport, choose a bin that is smaller, but still big enough to sit on comfortably.

Step 2 - Getting the Plywood

One of the other major components of the composting toilet is the plywood. You will completely cover the outside of the plastic bin with this wood. You need to get a high-quality lumber that is treated so that it will not rot or break down over an extended period of time. Get a thicker plywood so that it will support your weight without any issues.

When you are ready to start building, you will form an outside protective layer for the bin, so you need to get quality lumber for this portion of the job.

Step 3 - Gathering Other Materials

You will also need a few other materials in order to complete this project. You will need some large wood screws that you can screw into the plywood. You will also need to purchase a toilet seat that will fit over the opening in the plywood above the plastic bin. Choose a toilet seat that is the proper size and will be durable. 

Step 4 - Gathering the Tools

Your final preparatory step is to collect the proper tools for this project. One of the most important tools that you will need is a saw, either a hack saw, a jig saw or a table saw. You just need something that will cut the plywood that it will fit together. You should also consider getting a drill so that you can easily screw the wood screws into the plywood when the time comes. You could also use a screwdriver for those steps.