How to Build a Portable Outdoor Shower

What You'll Need
Hanging Shower Bag
PVC tubes/ Wooden Branches
Elbow Tarps
Shower Curtains/ Plastic sheet
Utility Cord
A Barrel or Box

A portable outdoor shower is a welcome convenience when you go camping or on a road trip. It’s easy to build and store. You can also buy ready-made outdoor portable shower sets which come in a wide variety of specifications.

Step 1: Finding the Correct Location to Set Up Your Shower

With the shower design described here, you will not necessarily need a lot of shrubbery for privacy. But it’s best to set up the shower where there is a lot of grass or around a stone to stand on so that your feet don’t get dirty from the mud that will mix with water while you shower.

Step 2 – Building the Frame

The basic frame will be the bottom square along the lines of which you will construct the rest of the structure. Form a square with your 2-inch PVC tubes, on an average you can make it 4 by 4 feet, the size of it can depend on your needs. You will need two of these, one for the bottom and one for the top. Cut the tubes to the desired length and then use the elbow tarps for bends. Buy the three way elbow tarps for vertical joints to be hoisted above. Using the PVC tube cut out four pieces of 6 feet of length, these will be the vertical supports.

Step 3 – Fitting the Pieces Together

Fit the vertical poles in the elbow tarps of the two squares you built. While still on the floor fit all four pieces in correctly and ensure a sturdy fit.

Step 4 – Installing the Curtain

If the curtain comes with rings, you can put those in while you are putting together the crown stand. If you are using a plain plastic sheet as a make-shift shower curtain, you can use the utility cord to form loops from which to hang the curtains.

Step 5 – Setting up the Shower Bag

You can buy your shower bags from any local retailer or outdoor supply shop. These things come in a wide variety. The most efficient are the solar-heated nylon kind, which warm up easily in the sun, are durable and come with a nozzle. You can hang it on your PVC frame and your portable shower is ready.

Step 6 – Setting up a Shower Station

For convenience place a small barrel or a box right outside your shower and use it to place your toiletries and towels or your change of clothes. This can serve as your shower station.

Step 7 – Tips and Notes

It’s best to use strong PVC pipes so that they can support the weight of both the shower curtains and the water bag. But if you forgot to pack those up before leaving for a camping trip, you can go completely native and use wooden sticks to build your shower and use the utility cord to bind them together.