How to Build a Portable Poker Table

What You'll Need
Wood Screws
3-ply wood, 24x48-inch (2)
1x1x36-inch wood (4)
1/2 x1x24-inch wood (4)
8 Small Hinges
1 Piano Hinge
Green Felt
Drill and Bits
Staple Gun
4 1/2 -inch brackets (4)

Having a portable poker table can be great for those days when you are out camping with your poker buddies and you fancy a game. Building your own portable poker table is not too difficult and can be done quite cheaply.

Step 1 – Table Top

Attach the piano hinge to the two pieces of 3 ply, along the 48-inch edge. Make sure the hinge is secured on what will be the underside of the table top and fit the hinge so that the top will fold in on itself.

Step 2 – The Felt

Staple the felt to the underside one edge and stretch it across the top side of the table. Do not allow any creases. Staple all 4 edges of the felt until the top is neatly covered.

Step 3 – The Legs

Attach one small hinge to the top of each leg and screw them into the table about 1 inch from the corners.

Step 4 – Brackets

Attach the remaining 4 small hinges to the wide side of the 4½-inch brackets. Screw the hinges into the underside of the table so that the hinges open and reach the legs. Drill a ½-inch hole through the bracket and the leg, where they meet. Place a bolt through the holes to secure the legs and stop the table from falling down.