How To Build A Portable Shed

If you are planning to build a portable shed, here are a few points you should consider before you make your first cut.


Since you are looking for a portable shed, keep the size small so that it will be easy to move. Figure out how much you plan on storing and adjust the size accordingly.


You can go for traditional materials as metal or wood, or even try plastic, which will be light and easy to push around.

There are various ready-cut sheds available in different shapes and sizes. Each comes with detailed instructions for assembly.

Materials Needed

The following are for a standard bottomless wood shed.

  • Ply wood
  • Wooden planks, 2-by-4
  • Logs
  • Galvanized pipes, strapping and nails
  • Flat rocks, 10 to 12-inches
  • Tool kit (including saw)
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Cinder blocks

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Start with the posts. Cut 3 logs at 6 feet and another 3 at 8 feet. Ensure that the ends of all the logs are completely flat.
  2. For the front portion of the shed, take a 12 foot log and fix an 8 foot log vertically to it with galvanized pipe strapping of the same size. Use nails to fix these up. While fixing the frames, keep it on the ground. Turn it over when you are fixing the opposite side.
  3. For the back portion, take 6 foot logs and fix it to a 12 foot log as you did for the front portion.
  4. Arrange 6 flat rocks on the ground of the site where you want your shed to be. The rocks should be spaced about 5 feet apart.
  5. Lay asphalt shingle over the flat rocks.
  6. Position your frames vertically on the flat rocks.
  7. Fix the beams properly on the flat rocks, making use of the wooden planks and nails.
  8. Now work on the top. Fix the 2-by-4s on the top corners with nails.
  9. Make a roof using 2-by-4s, from one end of the beam to another. Affix these with nails.
  10. Affix plywood over the roof, by cutting the ply as per the roof measurement. Use asphalt rolling on the roof.

    If you wish, add shelves inside your new shed. Ensure that the structure is well-ventilated to prevent moisture damage to anything you store inside. Since it is made of wood, your shed can withstand climatic changes and bad weather.