How To Build A Post And Beam Barn

What You'll Need
Posts that are 6 x 8
Post Hole Digger
Cement (quick set works well)
Nails, assorted
3 Foot Construction Level Wood

A post and beam barn is an improvised version of a conventional post barn. The use of beams is incorporated to create flooring rather than using slabs or the bare ground.

Advantages of Post and Beam Barns

Post and beam barns are extremely flexible structures because you can add plumbing and electrical elements to them. Relatively easy to construct, post and beam barn are less expensive than other types of structures.

Location Choice

Try to find an area on your land that is pretty even. You will find it much easier if the ground is level. Think of what you will be using the barn for as well when picking a spot to construct it.

Placing the Posts

You have to maintain a gap of 3 to 6 feet between the posts. Mark the spots where you will dig the holes for the posts. Dig the hole deep enough so that just 2 to 3 feet of the post remains above the ground.

After digging the holes, place each post in the holes and see that each one is placed firmly in its place using the concrete mix. Use the level to ensure that the posts are standing erect in a straight, vertical line. Do not proceed to the next step, unless and until the posts are completely vertical.

Attach Beams

Attach the beams over the erect posts. Use better quality of platform beam as the strength of your post and beam barn is based on this platform. Use at least 2 x 6-inch wood. You can even use a thicker one.

You can decide to cover the barn or keep one side open. When leaving one side of the barn open, use the highest quality timber available to withstand the elements. Alternatively you can construct all 4 walls and the roof along with the sidings.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before you start cutting the posts, make sure that all the posts are of the same length. You can do so using a string level. Another way of leveling the posts is using wooden shins below the beams. This will ensure that all the posts are equally leveled.

You need to exercise care and caution when handling sharp objects. Use proper safety measures to prevent accidents. Always wear gloves while handling sharp objects. Use goggles so that saw dust does not enter your eyes.

Check with the local authorities in your area, if you require special permission for building a post and beam barn.

Always put safety first by using proper safety equipment, including goggles and gloves. Some buildings may require a permit, check with your local building authorities before starting construction

When you successfully make a post and a beam barn, you will get creative satisfaction and you would also have a lot of money that you would have spent on hiring a professional help. Since you are selecting the material yourself, you would also be assured of the quality of your post and beam barn.