How to Build a PVC Lattice

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Drill bit
Metal stakes
PVC cutter
Galvanized wood screws
PVC water pipe
Paint brush
PVC lattice
Sand paper

Building a PVC lattice is great for many different things around the yard. It looks good in the garden, the back yard and even connected to the porch as decoration. If you have never built a PVC lattice before, here are the tools that you will need along with some steps that can help guide you through the process.

Step 1 - Make a Plan

Begin by making a plan of your design. Decide where you want to place the PVC lattice and then decide on the measurements. To decide on a size, you can take the measurements of the area using a measuring tape. Measure both the width and the height of the space and multiply it to find the area. If you plan on painting the PVC lattice, you should do so before putting the parts together, as it typically makes the process go a little smoother because you will not need to paint the small nooks while they are attached. Lay out each piece separately to paint using an exterior paint and paint brushes, and then you can put them together to install. Make sure to let them dry completely before moving on. 

Step 2 - Install

Once you have laid out your design, you can begin building. Lay the PVC lattice pieces down and cross one over the next. Continue to do this in the pattern and size that you had planned on. Once you get a few down, have a partner hold them still for you as you drill them where they cross. Make sure that you are using galvanized wood screws to drill into the actual pieces. Continue to do this until you have the pattern that you like. You may need to use a saw or PVC cutter to tailor the pieces a little bit once they are all put together. Also, if you have used the saw or PVC cutter and find that the edges are a little too sharp, you may want to consider using a piece of sand paper or a sander to smooth everything out.

Step 3 - Stake

Now that you have put the PVC lattice together, you can stake it to the ground so that it stays put. Many people will lean it up or screw it in place. If you are thinking about screwing it, a drill can be used. If you want to attach it in the ground then use metal stakes. Slide the stakes over the bottom layer that is criss crossed and then stick them into the ground. You may need to use a hammer to get them all of the way in without coming out.The best thing about using stakes is that you can take them out when the season is over to store the lattice and then bring it back out for the next season.