How to Build a Ramp for Your Wood Shed How to Build a Ramp for Your Wood Shed

What You'll Need
Pressure treated wooden beams
Plywood sheets
Plywood boards
Electric saw
Electric screwdriver
Steel screws
Measuring tape
Safety glasses

A ramp might be needed for your wood shed to increase accessibility. Ramps are useful additions not only for people with disabilities but also for ease of moving heavy items into the shed. Before building, you should draw a plan and make a list of all the materials being used so that you can get an approval from the appropriate authorities.

Step 1 – Take Appropriate Precautions

Since woodwork involves the use of power tools, you should study the instructions and safety manuals thoroughly before starting work on your project. The use of gloves is recommended to enable better grip on the tools and for safety reasons. Wearing a facemask and safety glasses will offer protection against wood dust and flying debris. Hence, they should be worn at all times. Always keep a bottle of water handy so as to avoid dehydration.

Step 2 – Planning out the Project

To successfully build a ramp, you need to plan the entire project beforehand. A ramp is composed of sidewalls with wooden beams in between. According to the guidelines, the ramp needs to have a height of one inch for every 12 inches of length. This ratio is to be referred to while measuring the wooden boards in the steps to follow. The frame made with the side walls and the wooden beams is then covered with polished plywood sheets. This makes up the surface of the ramp. In addition to this, two pieces of plywood boards are to be used to make a leveled landing at the start and end of the ramp. 

Step 3 – Measuring the Wood

Use a measuring tape to measure the sideboards and the wooden beams. The measurements depend on the length of the ramp that will be made. Remember the ratio mentioned above and cut sidewalls that look like right angle triangles (height, length and slope). The length of the wooden beams depends on the width of the ramp. After the appropriate markings have been made, move on to the next step.

Step 4 – Cutting the Wood

Use an electric saw with care. To start cutting the wood, place the wooden boards and sheets on a stable worktable. This will ensure that the cuts are accurate and well finished. Cut the wooden sheets and boards according to the markings made. Also cut the plywood boards that will be used to make the landings. These should cover the entire width of the ramp. After this is done, move on the next step.

Step 5 – Attaching the Pieces Together

The use of screws is recommended for this. Make sure that you use a high power electric screwdriver for this. Attach the sidewalls to the wooden beams using steel screws. In a similar way, attach the plywood sheets to the ramp. It is useful to ask someone to help you do this since long pieces of plywood sheets can be hard to handle. Use steel screws to attach the plywood boards to the main body of the ramp. This should be done before attaching the plywood sheets on the ramp.

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