How to Build a Rest for Your Heat Gun

What You'll Need
Wood glue
Pencil and notepad

A heat gun can be a useful tool for any number of home improvement projects. This will make it necessary to use a stand to help prevent accidental damage to any surface that the gun rests on while it is still hot. By following a few steps, you will find it remarkably easy to build your own stand to hold your heat gun.

Step 1 – Measure Gun

The first step required to create an effective heat gun rest is to measure the actual heat gun to ensure that what you make is an appropriate size. In addition to the length and width of the barrel, you should also measure the entire length of the handle as this will dictate how tall your stand will be. Make a note of the results and remember to take power cord into account if it leads from the end of the handle.  

Step 2 – Design

Draw up a design in accordance with the dimensions of the heat gun, ensuring that you plan it to enable you to continue using the stand even when both hands are needed. This can be done building one side higher than the other and creating a notch to hold the gun barrel. A relatively simple design should be sufficient, with there being two panels to support the gun which are attached to a single base. Depending on the weight of the gun, the panels can be attached to each end of the base or the handle end can be moved in slightly to fit the handle over the base. The latter is likely to be more stable.

Step 3 – Cut and Prepare Wood

Use a pencil and straightedge to draw the shape of the relevant parts of the heat gun rest onto the wood. Plywood or chipboard is appropriate. The side that supports the tip of the barrel will be longer than that for the handle end and both will need to comprise a notch in the top edge to hold the heat gun securely, both should be the width of the gun. Ensure that the base is thick enough to allow the structure to remain stable when in use. These parts can then be cut out of the wood using a saw before the cut edges are smoothed with the use of sandpaper.  

Step 4 – Assemble

Apply a little wood glue along one edge of the base and attach the end of one of the side panels to create a right angle. Hold this in place until the glue dries to make it easier to work with. Once the glue is dry, a screw can be inserted at each end to secure it further. Follow the same process at the other end of the base to complete the stand. Once you have completed the construction, you will be able to treat the wood as required, such as with wax or varnish.