How to Build a Retractable Clothesline

What You'll Need
Pine log or plywood (Length 1 foot)
Dowels (Diameter 20 mm)
Hook screws
Eye screws
Single pulley 20 mm
Double pulley 20 mm
Rope (30 feet/10 meters diameter 6 mm)
Bit and Drill
Bullet head nails
Straight Edge
PVC Glue

A Retractable Clothesline is the handiest tool to dry laundry especially for people who are living in townhouses or apartments and do not have a spacious backyard for this purpose. Although there are plenty of alternatives none of them offer a more space-saving and easy-to-install interface. You can use it indoor or outdoor and adjust the height according to your convenience. Setting up a retractable clothesline is not at all tough and indeed is a fun project to try your hand on.

Step 1- Sawing the Pine

First you need to saw the pine or plywood bars into two equally long bars. The ends of both bars should be 20 inches long. Wear eye protection to protect eyes from splinters or saw dust.

Step 2- Cutting the shape

After the pines are divided into two halves, you need to shape them by cutting the edges properly.

Step 3- Mark the Drilling Position

Now mark the spots which are to be drilled using a pencil. Make sure that the places to be drilled are of the same measurements.

Step 4- Clamp the Pieces

After marking the drilling positions, clamp both of the pine halves together and use the saw to give them a desired shape for the clothesline.

Step 5- Drilling the Holes

The next step is to drill the marked positions to create holes which can accommodate the dowels with 20 mm diameter. Be sure to use the right drill bit.

Step 6- Attaching Dowels

Sand the edges and use PVC glue to hold the dowels in place. Apply the glue and insert the dowels in the drilled holes at both ends.

Step 7- Nailing the frame

Take a bullet head nail and use a hammer to insert it into the frame through the dowels. Keep them for some time in a secured place to let the glue dry and the piece fix properly.

Step 8- Anchoring the Eye Hooks

Take two eye hooks and anchor them on the pine bar keeping a distance of about 6 feet in between.

Step 9- Hanging the Pulleys

After anchoring, it is time to hang both of the pulleys. While doing this make sure to keep each pulley as far as possible from the anchor cleat.

Step 10- Screwing the Eye bolts

Take two eye bolts and figure out the exact central positions of the end parts of the retractable clothesline. Now screw the eye bolts at the center and fit them tightly.

Step 11- Tie the ropes

Take each end of the rope and tie it with an eye bolt tightly. Make sure it is well secured. Draw the rope and feed it into the first pulley. After you have done this, draw the rope through the second pulley.

Step 12- Finishing

Finally tie the end at the anchor cleat. Your retractable clothesline is now ready for use. While installing your clothesline make sure it is at least two-and-a-half feet or 60 mm above eye level. You can easily retract the clothesline in order to adjust it in a limited hanging space. Your clothesline should be sturdy enough to bear the load of daily laundry for all family members.