How to Build a Rooftop Wind Turbine

What You'll Need
99 Volt DC Motor (Generator)
PVC Pipes (for the rotary blades)
An Old Bicycle Rim
Roof TV Antenna Mount
Aluminum Disk (5 inches)
Toothed Pulley
Metal Bolts
Large Hose Clamps
Piece of Wood (approximately 39 inches in length)
Scrap Aluminum (for the tail)
Wind Turbine Controller

You can find rooftop wind turbine kits for sale, but building your own is fairly easy and cheap. Such turbines are considered eco-friendly and conserve energy. Follow the simple steps below to build your own rooftop wind turbine to power your home.

Step 1 – Building the Rotary Blades

The length of the blades depends on you, but remember the diameter of the pipe you are going to use should be one fifth the length of the pipe; for instance if you are working with 50 cm length, the diameter of the pipe should be 10 cm. The blades will basically be made by cutting the pipe in the shape of the blades. One length of the PVC will give you 4 blades.

Cut the length of your PVC pipe into 2 equal lengths. Tightly wrap a paper around the pipe to get the circumference, and then fold the paper to get half the length. Use that to draw lines on the pipe, giving you 4 quarters of the single pipe. Cut them out, and proceed by drawing diagonal lines and shaping the blades at the base of each blade leave a 2 inch rectangle to attach it to the rest of the system. When done, the blades will look like cones with flat ends and an extended rectangle on one side. Sand the edges.

Step 2 – Constructing the Hub

Place the aluminum-disk on top of the toothed pulley, and attach the two. Bolt your blades onto the aluminum-disk. The toothed pulley will fit into the rotary motor.

Step 3 – Turbine Mount

To construct the turbine mount, use a rectangular length of wood. Attach a piece of PVC pipe using hose clamps on one end to protect the turbine from weathering. On the other end, attach a scrap aluminum piece at least ¼ the length of the wooden piece. This will serve both as a tail and a mouth for the turbine.

Step 4 – Attaching the Turbine to the Blades onto the Mount

The motor will slip into the PVC pipe; attach the blades to the motor. Let the wires from the motor pass through a hole drilled in the tail. These wires will lead to the charge controller. To balance the weight of the fan head and the tail, add weights to the back of the tail. Next, attach the entire unit to your antenna holder.

Step 5 – The Charge Controller

Attach the controller to the turbine, it will send a charge through the wires from the controller to the batteries charging them and preventing energy loss. You can find appropriate electrical equipment at your nearest electrical store in the go-green section, read the instructions carefully and assemble all the units.

Step 6 – Setting Up Your Rooftop Wind Turbine

Prop everything in place, and hook up the battery cables to your main power supply. For maximum efficiency, place the wind turbine at the edge of your roof instead of placing it in the middle. Finally, screw the antenna holder in place.