How to Build a Router Stand

What You'll Need
1/8 inch thick plywood of 3 by 2 feet
3/8 inch thick wood-scraps of 1 foot
Wood glue
Router table insert miter
Split fence core
Square metal tubes

Building your own router stand may seem a very daunting task. On the contrary, it is much easier than it seems and the best part is, you save almost half the amount you would have spent buying a router stand. A good router table definitely aids in producing appreciable wood work therefore a custom made router stand is preferred (if made with precision) over the ones available in the market as the prior would suit your unique needs.All the required specifications can be built to your convenience.

Step 1 - Cutting a Rectangle within the Plywood

Carefully draw a 9 by 12 inch rectangle in the middle of the plywood. The plywood will act the top of your stand. Using your jigsaw and cut out the rectangle you just made.

Each side of the rectangle needs to be glued from the inside using four different scraps of 3/8 inch thick. The aim is to create a ledge on which the stand will rest upon.

Step 2 - Putting an Aluminum Router Plate on the Table

The next task is to screw an aluminum router plate once it is properly put in place. Conventionally, the plate is supposed to have 3 center rings to be compatible with routers of different sizes.Choose the correct plate while purchasing, keeping your specific router in mind.

Step 3 - Make a Groove

On the long side of the rectangular plywood, you now need to make a groove of 4 inches from one end of the rectangular to the other so as to install a milter track in it. The groove can be made via a router with a straight edge guide and a straight bit .

On the short sides of the rectangle, you also need to make a 4 inch groove on each side using the router. The grooves will be used to flush mount so  that the fence can be put on them.

Now use a wooden or aluminum split fence to insert in the short sided groves. The fence comes with knobs that can be tightened so that it can hold its place permanently.

Step 4 - Construct Table Legs

Constructing  table legs can be an easy job if done properly. You can either do it yourself by installing wooden legs to the stand or you can buy metal legs which are easily available in the market to hold the stand at the desired position. Most preferred height for the stand is waist length. Metal legs are favored over the wooden ones since they are usually more durable. Take the help of a welder to cut metal square tubes according to your preference. To attach legs to the stand, you need to put tabs on the underside of the stand which can be utilized to screw the legs to the stand.

Step 5 - Putting the Router in Place

Now that the stand is complete, slide the router on the trough at the top of stand and use clamps to hold the router permanently.