How to Build a Router Table Fence

What You'll Need
Pieces of wood
Tape Measure

A router table fence is designed to prevent wood from moving out of position as you guide it towards the router. You can easily construct a router table fence, using basic home improvement tools and some spare wood. To make the fence, you need to have some small pieces of 2x4, and some screws, plus a screwdriver, a saw and a tape measure. You could purchase a ready-made version, but these are often quite expensive, and some are not very durable. Instead of this, you should be able to make your own by following a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Cut the Wood

Measure the length and width of the router table, so that you can work out how long the fence should be. Cut the wood to this length. You will need 2 pieces, 1 of which will be a flat piece that will lay along the top of the router table, and another at right angles to the first piece. This second piece only needs to be as long as the edge of the table, while the former could be longer, in order to manage larger pieces of wood. The latter will be used to secure the fence in an upright position. If you choose to, you could also use a number of clamps, rather than screws, to secure the fence to the router table. This gives you greater freedom to move the fence in and out of position, so that you can have maximum flexibility for your cutting needs.

Step 2 -Build the Router Table Fence

Place your 2 pieces of wood together and screw them into place, so that they form an L shape when in position. This is the angle of the router table fence. The longer upright will be used as the guiding fence, to hold the wood in position as you cut it, while the shorter angle is used to secure this to the side of the table. When using clamps instead of screws, fix 2 or 3 clamps to the shorter piece of wood. These clamps will hold the short side firmly against the table. With these clamps evenly placed across the edge of the wood, they will hold the fence firmly into position.

Step 3 - Install the Router Table Fence

Lay out the pieces of wood on the router table, making sure that you have the fence lined up evenly with the rest of the table. Then, screw the shorter piece of wood into the table, using 1 screw for every inch of the table that you are securing it to. Use large screws, and place a washer between the head of the screw and the wood. This will help to prevent wear and tear through rubbing. If you are using clamps, slide the lower jaw of the clamp under the edge of the table, and then close by twisting the large screw until the clamp sticks in place.