How to Build a Rustic Bed How to Build a Rustic Bed

What You'll Need
Wood nails
Wood screws
Nail gun
Screw gun
Wood glue
Sander or sand paper
Wood stain and sealer
Bed rail hangers
4 wood posts
Old furniture

Have you always wanted a rustic bed? Is your bed ready to just give in, tired and old and plain ugly? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a beautiful wooden rustic bed to not only to provide an accent to your bedroom décor but also to provide a functional, comfortable space for you to spend your evenings? You can create not only the rustic headboard but also a rustic frame to match following the directions below.

Step 1 – Construct Your Bed Frame

Beginning with the bed frame of your new rustic bed, take out pieces of wood that you have just purchased at your local home improvement center. Measure the wood and cut it to size (For a sizing guide, use your old bed frame. Remove the mattress and measure the frame to replicate the size perfectly). If you want a real rustic look, try using unfinished wood with imperfections. Attach the four sides of the bed frame together with wood glue first and then with screws (Note: you will attach the four sides to the four posts).

 Next, secure the bed rail hangers to each of the four corners. Add two pieces of wood in the middle of the frame. They should connect to each side of the inside portion of the frame. Use wood glue to affix and then add screws or nails diagonally. These middle sections will provide extra support for your bed frame and mattress.

Allow your bed frame to dry completely. Leave aside.

Step 2 – Decide on Your Headboard

Creating a rustic headboard can be really simple. In fact, if you are feeling creative, you do not even need to make it from scratch. If you are up for something a little different, go shop at a second hand store.

Step 3  - Find a Piece of Rustic Furniture

Going with our new creativity, walk through second hand shops. Go looking for old sideboards or cabinets that have either big rectangular doors or square doors. Once found, buy as many pieces of furniture you will need to make up your head board.

Step 4 – Assemble the Parts

Dismantle the old furniture, clean up the pieces and place the middle doors together with wood glue and screws. This will create the middle section of your headboard. Using two big posts, attach them to either end of the middle section. Lastly, fix the entire headboard to the frame you have just built. Allow the rustic bed to dry for at least twenty-four hours before you apply any stain.

Step 5 – Sand and Stain

Sand the newly made rustic bed and stain. Alternatively you may leave the wood natural. Choose the option that best fits in with your décor and your personal preferences.

Step 6 - Add Your Mattress

As a last finishing touch, place your box spring and mattress on top of the frame. Add your sheets and bedding and you have just created a new bed for your bedroom.

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