How to Build a Rustic Sink How to Build a Rustic Sink

What You'll Need
An old sink
Wood stain
Industrial grade adhesive
Particle board
Monkey wrench
A new faucet
A new drop-in sink
Circular saw
A jig-saw
A tape measure
Lag screws
A Stud finder
A Drill
A Spade Bit
Wood putty

A rustic sink is a wonderful way to turn an old sink into a beautiful focal point for your powder room. To make your rustic sink,  you will essentially replace the existing sink with a handmade rustic cabinet and a drop-in sink and faucet. 

Step 1 - Plan the Design of Your Sink

Decide upon the wood and finish that you want. Consider mahogany, cherry, or oak wood, as they are durable woods that will last for many years when treated with a good sealant. Decide if you wish to paint your wood with milk paint, or if you prefer a stain or polyurethane to allow the true beauty of the wood to shine. For your sink you can choose between stainless steel, ceramic, glass, copper or aluminum. Hardware made from brass or other darker metals can add the final touches for a truly rustic design.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Sink

Turn off the water from the main water valve. Remove the old sink and plumbing completely.

Step 2 - Build Your Rustic Sink Cabinet

Use a tape measure and level to measure a height of 36 inches. Draw a level line. Use a stud finder to locate studs and attach the 2x4 boards to the wall with lag screws. Place the 2x4s onto the wall above the floor and attach them using lag screws to make the bottom of the cabinet. 

Use 1x4 boards to make the finished counter surface. Give yourself extra support by attaching a piece of particle board and locate where your sink and faucet will be. Many sink manufacturers will supply a template that you can use to help with the sink placement. Find the center of the particle board and trace out the template. Cut out the hole using your jigsaw.

Reserve space for the back splash and locate the placement for the faucet. Drill out the holes using a spade bit. Complete the top of the sink before installing the sink or faucet. Cut a 1x4 foot board to fit the width of the counter top. To keep the look of the cabinet rustic, pre-stain all of the boards. Attach the boards to the particle board subsurface using industrial grade adhesive. Screw the surfaces together from underneath. Let the adhesive dry completely. Now take your sink template and cut a hole through the 1x4s to match the hole in the particle board. Once the templates have been matched and cut, finish the top of your sink by attaching your back splash and side pieces. Patch nail holes with wood putty. Cover the entire cabinet with three coats of polyurethane.     

Step 3 - Complete Your Rustic Wood Sink

Position the sink upside down on the counter top, leaving 1 to 3" from the edge of the counter. Caulk along the bottom edge of the upside down sink and then follow the manufacturer's instructions to complete your sink and faucet installations. 


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