How to Build a Rustic Work Table How to Build a Rustic Work Table

What You'll Need
3/4 sheet of plywood
4-8 ft 2x4
1-6 ft 2x4
3 wood screws
Screwdriver bit

A good solid work table can be hard to find. Most of the furniture you can purchase at the hardwood store is made of particle board which will fall apart with any extensive use. You need something really solid to work on for heavier projects. So with that in mind here are instructions to build a solid work table.

Step 1: Table Top

Place two of the 2x4s across a couple of saw horses and lay the plywood on top of them.

Step 2: Cut

Cut the plywood to the size you want your work table to be. You will need the plywood cut into two equal sizes for the table top and the lower shelf.

Step 3: Cut the Frame

Use the saw and cut 4 leg piece from one of the 2x4’s making the legs about 32” long. For the sides you will need 4 pieces cut to 26” and 4 pieces at 48”.

Step4: Make the Frame

To make the frame for your work table lay out two of the 48” pieces and 2 of the 26” pieces and screw them together to make a box for the table top. Do the same for the bottom shelf. You should have 2 large square boxes. The next step in making the frame for your work table is to attach the legs. Working from inside one of the squares, attach one of the 32” legs to the corner square. Do the same for the other three pieces on each corner. Make sure to place the legs level along the top of the square. When you finish you should have a table without a top.

Next, place you frame inside of the other square and attach it about 5 inches up from the floor. You may need books or a bucket to hold up the end you are not working on. You should now have a table without a top and without the shelf.

Step 5: Cut the Shelf

To fit the shelf to your new work table you will need to cut all four corners to go around the legs. The easiest way to do this is to use a piece of scrap 2x3 and a pencil. Set the scrap 2x4 on one corner and use it to trace around. Do this for all four corners and cut along the pencil line so it fits.

Step 6: Attach the Shelf

To attach the lower shelf, lay it into the frame and screw it to the boards of the frame.

Step 7: Table Top

To attach the table top to your work table lay the last piece of plywood onto the frame and screw it to the frame.

Step 8: Add Stability

For added stability turn the table over and using another 26” piece of 2x4 simply place it in the middle of the underside of the table top and screw it to the front and back sides of the frame. Do the same for the shelf. You should now have a sturdy work table that will stand up to anything you might throw at it.

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