How to Build a Shadow Box Coffee Table How to Build a Shadow Box Coffee Table

What You'll Need
Wood glue
Countersink bit
Electric saw
Table saw

It's always nice to display things that you are proud of and building a shadow box coffee table could be the best way to do just that. Creating a stunning shadow box coffee table is actually much easier than you might imagine and you can use it to showcase all of your prized possessions.

This is a unique piece of furnature which looks amazing and is a real conversation starter. With all of the right tools and equipment you shouldn't have any trouble making a great table.

Step 1 - Planning

Before you can start to build your shadow box coffee table you first need to measure up. Decide exactly what you want to put in the coffee table and ensure that it's big enough to accommodate everything. Once you have decided on the size of your table you then need to order the glass, make sure that this is cut to shape because cutting glass can be very difficult.

Step 2 - Cutting Materials

The next step once you know the size of the table is to start cutting the wood and MDF to form the basic frame for the coffee table. Remember that unlike a normal coffee table there will be a hollow space in the middle. This makes it possible to put all sorts of mementos in the various compartments under the table.

Ensure that you measure twice and cut once. This will make sure that everything is cut accurately and also that you don't waste any materials.Remember, when cutting MDF you must wear a face mask because the dust can cause cancer.

Step 3 - Assembly

Use the wood glue and screws to stick the frame together. Make sure that you countersink all of the screws so that they aren't sticking out. Make sure that the glass fits on the table and that there is enough room all the way around the frame. Spend time carefully assembling the table so that it is square and level. You should measure the diagonals to ensure that the frame is perfectly square.

When using glass you need to be careful and ensure that you are wearing safety glass. It's also a very good idea to use safety glass, especially if you have young children.

Step 4 - Creating Compartments

Inside the table you will probably want to create a series of separate compartments. These compartments will then be used to store your various belongings in. Measure how big you want each of the compartments and create this using wood.

Glass should then be fixed to the top and bottom of the table. If this is cut to size then this will be very easy and can simply be sandwiched between pieces of wood to form the table.

Step 5 - Finishing Touches

After you have finished all of these steps you can then put the finishing touches on your table. As you are using MDF you will probably want to paint the exposed services. However you can choose to use wood in which case you may prefer to stain it. Painting the table will give it a wipe clean surface.

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