How to Build a Simple Porch Bench for Kids How to Build a Simple Porch Bench for Kids

What You'll Need
Circular hand saw or saw
Adjustable wrench
Bolts or wood screws
Paint brush

A porch bench designed for children has to be safe, colorful and practical. A simple porch bench painted in bright, bold colors and accessorized with cushions, is an ideal resting spot during play time. It can be used also for relaxing, organizing outdoor parties and family BBQ.

If you are a beginner in wood-making projects and wish to start with a simple porch bench, it is best to create one without a back or arms. This is a moderately challenging project and you will need basic woodworking skills, power tools and patience. These instructions will guide you through the whole process.

Step 1 – Location, Size and Model

Plan well the location for your new bench. Also, decide the size and model. For the little ones it is ideal if the bench is located just in front of a division wall or fence in your garden. Although the bench will not have a back, your toddler will not risk tumbling backwards if positioned in this way. Additionally, make sure to construct it low to the ground for safety.

Step 2 – Preparation of the Wood

Once you have the dimensions of the bench you can start by cutting the wood to the measurements you need. Make sure to consider your safety while working on these type of projects. Use eye protection, dust mask and gloves while cutting the wood. Avoid using short lumber lengths on deck and seating surfaces to reduce visible joints. Sand all pieces before assembling since this will save you time and splinters later on. For outdoor benches it is recommended to apply a good sealer for more durability.

Step 3 – Start With The Legs

The first step in assembling your bench is to start with the legs. Cut two equal lengths of around 16 inches of 1 by 8 to 10-inch pine. Cross two 2 by 4s and bolt at the junction. Cut the tops and bottoms to make them flat.

Step 4 – Assembling the Bench

Fit the seat on top and make sure it stays flat. Check that your back pieces fit without having to twist the rest of the bench. Secure the seat and the back of the bench using wood screws or bolts. Turn the seat upside down and attach the leg brackets to the seat.

Step 5 – Finishing Touches

When you have finally built your bench, sand the entire piece until smooth. Brush off any dirt or dust and apply two coats of paint with the color of your choice. When completely dry place your bench in the desired location. To make it more attractive, customize it with cushions and other decorations your kids might want. Be creative!

This great outdoor accessory used for recreational purposes will give great appeal to your porch. Your kids will love it and so will you.

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