How to Build a Sliding Patio Door

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If you have a patio door that swings, it is not too difficult to replace it with a sliding patio door.

Selecting the Door

Unless you want to get into major construction, choose a door that is that same size as the one you are replacing. The door should come complete with its own frame, suspension bar, and support bar and should offer a high degree of protection against the weather. Doors come in a wide range of styles so you should be able to find the ideal sliding door for your patio.

General Pointers

Make sure the fittings for the door frame are suitable for the place you want to install the door because the frame has to fit securely. Read the instructions before you start to be sure you have the correct tools. Don’t start to work on the door until you are sure you understand how everything fits together.

Use a Logical Approach

You will install the door in a logical sequence. Once you have the frame, suspension bar, and support bar in place you will probably need help to hang the door because it will be heavy.

Your new sliding patio door will take up less room than your old swinging door and give your area a more open and spacious feel.