How to Build a Small Fire Pit Table

What You'll Need
Angle iron or steel, 6 pieces 3 feet long, 1 piece 48 inches long
Welding torch, tanks and mask
Measuring tape
Pencil and 24 X 36 large newsprint paper

You will find a small fire pit table very handy to hold a cauldron for boiling corn on the cob, making large batches of soup or chili, and many other cooking tasks using your outdoor fire. When not using a cauldron, you can build your outdoor fire directly on the iron fire pit table. An outdoor fire set up this way gets air from below, for more effective burning. Use the directions below to build your own small 12 x 18-inch fire pit table from angle iron or recycled non-chromed steel.


Step 1: Make a Sketch of Your Small Fire Pit Table

Make a scale sketch of your fire pit table on a large sheet of newsprint paper. It should be 12 inches high, with a top 12 by 18 inches. It will have 4 - 18-inch long bars across the top, attached at each end to a 12-inch crossbar. The table will stand on 4 legs, 12 inches high and an X-shaped crossbrace for stability 6 inches off the ground. Angle iron is effective for fire pit tables as it can tolerate high heat, and can support weight effectively.

Step 2: Cut the Angle Iron Pieces

You will need 6 pieces of angle iron 18 inches long, and 8 pieces, 12 inches long for the table, not including the crossbrace. Cut the pieces carefully and precisely with the welding torch so the finished table fits together well.

Step 3: Lay Out the Table Pieces

You will put 4 of the 18-inch angle iron sections on the top of the table, 3 inches apart. Lay their ends on a 12-inch piece of angle iron at each narrow end. Fit the legs into the corners, and lay out the cross-brace so it contacts each table leg. Add 2 more 12-inch bars under the long table top bars, 6 inches from each end of the table, for added support. Mark notches in the 18-inch sections to fit the 12-inch support bars into them snugly.

Step 4: Assemble and Weld the Table

Weld the table top bars to the end bars, with clean tight weld seams. Attach the table legs to each corner of the table top, ensuring that they fit snugly into the corners formed by the angle iron sections. Weld the table legs on at the top and outside edge of each leg.

Step 5: Measure and Attach the Cross Braces

The cross braces forming the supportive X under the table will be slightly more than 18 inches in length, the square root of 360 (12x12 +12x18), which works out to 18.973 inches. Cut these from the 48-inch angle iron piece, and weld securely into the table legs, at 6 inches off the ground.

Step 6: Place the Fire Pit Table in the Fire Pit

Place the fire pit table in your fire pit and test it for stability. Place thin rocks under the legs if the ground is uneven. This table should be able to support the weight of a large 20-gallon cauldron.