How to Build a Small Work Table How to Build a Small Work Table

What You'll Need
3x2 plywood thick
3x2 acrylic 1/8 thick
6-18 rail posts
1-30 rail post
4-cross dowels
4- 3 bolts
6-2 wood screws
4-3x1x1 aluminum flashing
Hex wrenches
Drill and various drill bits
Straight edge

Everyone needs a small work table around the house. There are endless tasks that can be completed at a stylish work table. You can create a small worktable in just a few hours.

Step 1—Prepare the Acrylic

Using your drill bore 4 holes in the acrylic. The holes should be 3 inches inside each corner and should measure ¼ inch in diameter. 

Step 2—Build the Table Legs

The table legs are going to be built from the 18 inch rail posts. You should lay the legs vertically, butted against each other, on your work surface. Use the straight edge to draw a line across all four legs. Then use the straight edge to draw a line lengthwise down the middle of each post. Where these line intersect you will drill a hole ¾ of the way through the post. Use care to make sure that you don’t drill through the entire post. This should be done with a 3/8” drill bit. Complete this for all 4 posts.

You now need to drill a hole through the top of the rail post. Use a ¼ inch drill bit for this hole. To accurately measure center, use your straight edge to draw an X on the post. At the point of intersection, drill the hole. Drill as far down as you can go with an average size drill bit.

To check that the legs will work properly, place a cross dowel in the 3/8 inch hole and a bolt in the ¼” hole. Make sure that the two components meet and line up properly.

Step 3—Assemble the Table

You will need to drill holes into the plywood table top. You can use the acrylic as a guide. Remember that the holes need to be 3 inches inside each corner. Use a ¼” drill bit.

Once the holes are drilled into the table top, you can begin attaching the legs. Place the cross dowel into the table leg. Drop the bolt through the table top and use your hex wrench to tighten it. You want to make sure it is secure, but you don’t want to strip it. Continue until all 4 legs are attached.

Step 4—Add the Crossbeams

You will now be marking the table legs to attach the crossbeams. On the inside of the legs on the right side of the table, facing each other, make a line 9 inches down from the top. Complete this on the left side of the table.

Mark the two back legs on the inside and facing each other. You will measure down 13.5 inches and draw a line. 

Place the table in its side and line up the crossbeam with the two lines that you just drew. Drill a pilot hole through the leg of the table. Drive a screw into the pilot hole to secure the crossbeam. Turn the table over and screw the other side of the crossbeam to the table leg.

Repeat these steps on the opposite side. For the back of the table, you will follow these same steps to secure the longer cross beam.

Step 5—Add the Aluminum Trim

Measure the aluminum trim and make any adjustments if you need to. You will need to miter the edges so that they meet perfectly along the top of the table. Use a strong epoxy to secure the aluminum trim to the table. Allow the epoxy to dry completely before using the table.


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