How to Build a Smoke House

Lead Image for How to Build a Smoke House
What You'll Need
Chalk line
Soaked wood chips
1.5x1.5-inch pine boards (18)
A cast iron pan
5/8-inch deck screw
Utility knife
Steel sheet
1x6-inch, 5-foot pine boards with 9-inch tongue-and-groove (5)
Measuring tape
4-inch strap hinges (2)
1x6-inch, 6-foot tongue-and-groove boards (15)

A smoke house has been a long tradition for preparing and curing meats since long before refrigeration was invented. Curing meats in a smokehouse using smoke produced from different types of wood chips adds particular flavors. With a little effort and the following instructions, smoked meat enthusiasts can create their own method for creating those flavorful meats.

Step 1 - Side Panels

Fit 5 tongue-and-groove boards together to build each of two side panels. The top for each side needs to slope from 5 to 6-feet. Mark the slope on each side panel by snapping a chalk-line and then cutting to this sizing.

Step 2 - Braces

Brace both the top and bottom of each side panel by attaching a 1.5x1.5-inch board to both front and back attaching these with deck screws.

Step 3 - Back Wall

Construct the back wall fitting five 5.75-foot boards together. Use 4 1.5x1.5-inch boards bracing the back wall along both the top and bottom edges attaching these with deck screws.

Step 4 - Back Panel

Using deck screws through the bracing boards, attach the back panel to the 2 side panels

Step 5 - Front Brace

Use 2x4-inch boards, cut to fit along the bottom and top edges for the front of your smoke house. Attach it with deck screws to front edges of the house side panels.

Step 6 - Shelving

Use the steel sheeting to create smoke house shelves by first attaching 1.5x1.5-inch boards as shelf support on either side of the structure. Use a level to make sure the shelving is straight.

Step 7 - Roofing

Use sheet steel as a roof attaching it to the top edge of the smoke house using deck screws. Allow an 1/8-inch to 0.25-inch space between the roof and top edge.

Step 8 - Door

Build a door using the remaining 6-foot long tongue-and-groove boards. Brace the door creating a “Z” shape with the remaining pieces of the 1.5x1.5-inch boards. Use 2 4-inch strap hinges to attach the door to the smokehouse.

Step 9 - Burner

Locate the burner with wood chip pan at the base of your smoke housing, finishing the construction of your new smokehouse. Make sure not to use pressure treated wood or any galvanized metal when building your smoke house.