How to Build a Solar Powered Outdoor Shower How to Build a Solar Powered Outdoor Shower

A popular use of solar energy is an outdoor shower. Solar energy is available in abundance and can be used to save lots of money. It has been used in many industries to cut the electricity costs and is widely used in hotels to heat up the water. Solar energy can also be converted into electricity to power vehicles, heat homes and pump water. Solar energy is used in many applications. One can use the power generated from the solar energy to practically do almost anything and it would be environment friendly too.

The same way we can use this to build a solar powered outdoor shower, which is commonly used these days before jumping into the pool, freshening up after a warm sunny day, or just having a quick shower where there is no pool or any water body around. Hiring a professional to set up the solar powered outdoor shower can be hard on your pockets. However, if you want to set one up on your own, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step One: Select the Location

Select a shady and private place where you want the shower site and this should be within the distance of the hosepipe and should be easily accessible.

Step Two: Setting the Hosepipe

The hosepipe should now be put on the roof of the building near to your shower; one end should be tied to the valve or the tap and the other end just above your shower area. Now screw the pipe giving it a wavy shape. There should not be any kind of pinholes, if there is then caulk the exposed screw heads. Put a shut-off coupler on the end of the hosepipe and make sure it is reachable from the ground.

Step Three: Pressure Welded Studs

Now for the shower base put two pressure-welded studs on a square frame to add weight and stability to the base. Add wooden or plastic slats with some space between each piece to let the water pass through for drainage.

Step Four: Pressure Treated Studs

Attach 4 pressure treated studs, about 6-7 foot long and screw them to the corners of the shower base and tie them together at the top with pressure treated pipes, so they are properly joined together. Put a fibre or a glass roof on the top with some screws and do the same thing for the side walls too keeping a side open for entrance.

Step Five: Using a Utility Hook

Put a utility hook on the top of the shower roof in the center and then attach a sprinkler head right in the center of the shower base joining the utility hook.

Step Six: Protecting with Plastic

Put a plastic can on the top of the shower and zip it or tie it with a plastic tape to ensure there is no leakage and make sure the water from the hosepipe drops directly into the plastic can.

Step Seven: Just Before Showering

Before going for the shower fill the water can and let it heat up for few hours depending on the sunlight in your area and make sure the shut off valve at the opposite end is closed. Finally before taking the shower turn on the water faucet to make sure the water is not too hot and enjoy the outdoor solar shower.


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