How to Build a Soundproof Partition Wall Part 1

A partition wall.
What You'll Need
2x6-inch lumber
2x4-inch lumber
16 penny nails
Measuring tape
Plumb bob
Chalk line
Carpenter's speed square
Stud finder

If you are thinking of adding a partition wall in your home, consider making it a soundproof partition wall. A partition wall alone will not create a totally soundproof area. You can use simple construction techniques to drastically reduce the amount of noise that comes from the area beyond the partition. This three-part series of articles will show you everything you need to know in order to build a soundproof partition. Follow the simple instructions below to get started.

Step 1 - Choose a Location for the Partition Wall

First, you'll need to choose a location for the partition wall. Try to choose a location that allows you to tie into a stud on the adjacent wall where the partition will be located. You can use the stud finder to find a stud on the adjacent wall that you can use to help provide more stability for your soundproof partition wall.

Step 2 - Mark Floor and Supporting Wall

Once you have chosen a location for the partition wall, cut a length of 2x6-inch lumber to the length of your desired partition wall. Then place the piece of lumber on the floor and create an outline using your pencil. Cut a piece of 2x6-inch lumber that is the height of your existing walls, minus 3 inches (thickness of the top plates). Then place that piece of lumber up against the wall and create an outline with the pencil as well (make sure it is level).

Step 3 - Install Bottom Plate

Line up the 2x6-inch lumber that you cut earlier inside the outline you drew with the pencil. Then, nail the bottom plate to the flooring.

Step 4 - Install Framing Brace on Supporting Adjacent Wall

Carefully align that piece of 2x6-inch lumber that you cut for the supporting adjacent wall, and make sure that it is level before nailing it into the stud behind the drywall. Once it is level, nail it into the stud wall.

Step 5 - Install the Top Plate

Cut two pieces of 2x6-inch lumber exactly the same length as the bottom plate. Next, have someone help you hold the top plate up against the ceiling. Use the level and plumb bob to make sure that the wall is straight and true. Then, nail the first top plate into the rafter joists in the ceiling.

Step 6 - Install Second Top Plate

Place the second top plate directly underneath the first one and nail the two pieces together. If you have measured correctly, the second top plate should just barely wedge in between the top of the adjacent wall support brace and the first top plate.

Step 7 - Install Outer Wall Brace Piece

Measure and cut a piece of 2x6-inch lumber that goes from the top of the bottom plates to the bottom of the second top plate. Use the thumbnail method to nail the 2x6-inch lumber into the top and bottom plates at the edge of your partition wall frame.

Step 8 - Install 2x4-inch Framing Studs

Create stud marks at 16-inch centers along the length of your partition wall frame. Alternate nailing the 2x4-inch studs into the frame by placing the first at the front edge of the frame, and then nailing the second to the rear edge of the frame. Continue this process until you have installed 2x4-inch studs along the entire length of the partition wall.