How to Build a Speaker Cabinet

What You'll Need
Drill bits
Utility knife
Spray adhesive
Tape measure

A speaker cabinet is a fairly simple enclosure that hides wires and allows you to place the speakers nearly anywhere you want. If your current speaker cabinets are not to your liking or you wish to utilize old speakers, you can make your own cabinet for each speaker. With some simple tools and a few materials, you can build this project.

Step 1 - Determine the Size of the Speaker Cabinet

The size of the speaker cabinet will depend on the size of the speaker(s) you plan to place inside. Measure the speaker to be installed. You will construct the cabinet slightly larger than the speaker itself. You need measurements for the following pieces:

  • Top and bottom
  • Front and back
  • Sides
  • Interior divider.

Step 2 - Cut and Sand the Plywood Wood

You'll want to use the same wood for all the pieces, so get a single sheet of plywood in. Transfer the measurements from Step 1 to the piece of wood and cut the pieces out with the jigsaw. When you finish cutting all the pieces, sand the cut edges.

Step 3 - Cut Holes

Use the router to create the hole where you will place the speaker. Use the drill to create holes along the edges where you want to assemble the pieces. Then drill a hole near the bottom of the back piece of the speaker cabinet for the wires.

Step 4 - Secure the Speaker to the Internal Divider

This divider is the center of the speaker cabinet and will have the speaker fastened to it. Line the speaker up and drill the holes needed to secure it in place. Then use screws to secure it. Use silicone to seal the edges of the speaker to the wood divider. You could, if you like, fasten the speaker to the front of the speaker cabinet. This will eliminate the need for a center divider, but doing this creates a vibration, causing a dull sound, inside the speaker cabinet.

Step 5 - Assemble the Speaker Cabinet

Putting the speaker cabinet together can be slightly confusing. The key is the order in which you put it together. Follow this order:

  • Place the center piece off to the side.
  • Apply spray adhesive to the edges of the side piece and the front piece where you made your holes.
  • Place one of the sides against the front and screw in place. Repeat with the second side.
  • Position the center piece between the sides. Move it until it's straight and the speaker is aligned with the hole; screw it in place.
  • Feed the speaker wire through the back just before you secure it to the sides.
  • Screw the top and bottom in place.

You can now paint the speaker cabinet if you wish.