How to Build a Spinning Squirrel Feeder

What You'll Need
4 big nails
2 pinecones dipped in syrup and coated with birdseed
2 1-foot long 1-by-2-inch boards
1 very large nail
2 corn cobs

You can build a squirrel feeder to prevent them from invading bird feeders. Squirrels too feel hungry so, they pick on the meal that is easily available. It is fun to watch them feed along with the other birds, but there are many people who like to keep bird seeds only for birds. If you want to avoid this problem, you can build a squirrel feeder for them. It is quite an easy task that does not require too much time. You can fill the feeder with corn cobs because it is something they love to eat. With corn cobs in their squirrel feeder, they will ignore bird feeders. If you plan to build a squirrel feeder yourself, here are a few tips to help you build a good one.

Step 1 – Insert the Nails

Squirrel feeders should be entertaining and interesting to attract squirrels. Start by nailing one nail approximately 1 inch from the ends of each board. The nails at the end of the boards are used to attach the corn. Position the two lengths of boards in a crossed shape to create an X with the spiky points of the nails pointing in an upward direction.

Step 2 – Hammer the Center

Hammer the large nail directly into the center of the X shape and the side of the tree you want to build the squirrel feeder on. Before doing this, make sure that the trunk of the tree you choose is moderately straight to ensure smooth spinning of the boards.

Step 3 – Arrange the Pinecones and Corncobs

Attach the pinecones and the corn cobs and place each of them on the ends of the exposed nails on the boards. Repeat this action till you have a corncob and pinecone in alternate arrangement. This will help attract the squirrels.

Step 4 – Place the Squirrel Feeder

Then, put the squirrel feeder on the tree so that it can spin when the squirrels race down on the corncobs and pinecones. This will make the wood spin making the squirrels run back and forth to get the meal. Squirrels love feeding on corn and also love playing games. They will love the spinning nature of the squirrel feeder and so will the people watching them feed on the corncobs and pinecones.

These tips will help you make a durable squirrel feeder. You would no longer have to worry about squirrels feeding on bird food. It is really entertaining to watch squirrels feed and enjoy themselves in the feeder that you yourselves have made for them.