How to Build a Square Gazebo

What You'll Need
Pre-manufactured square gazebo kit
Nail gun
Powder actuated gun
Measuring tape
Hand level
Protective wood stain

A square gazebo is a slight variation of the more common gazebo which is usually of a hexagon shape. However it also requires a bit of knowledge and technique in order to design and build a square gazebo. Hence, here is a basic guide to follow in order to create a square gazebo for your garden and the list of the tools and materials needed. Additionally, the best way to build a gazebo is to buy a pre-manufactured gazebo kit which should include all the material needed to build the gazebo.

(Rental Tools)

  • Concrete Mixer
  • Concrete Vibrator

Step 1 – Concrete Base

A gazebo should always be standing on a solid base. Hence, if you want to stand your square gazebo in your garden, you must first create a concrete platform on which you can set up your gazebo. Hence, spread the cement to create a square area big enough to hold the gazebo. Then use the concrete vibrator to level up the concrete base and leave it to settle and harden for a couple of days.

Step 2 – Set Up the Gazebo Base

In the square gazebo kit you should find the necessary wood supply to create the base of the gazebo. Generally, it is made up of 2-by -4s and you should set them up following the instructions guide which comes with the kit. Thus, use the nail gun to join all the pieces together and when the base frame is ready, use the powder actuated gun to fasten the base to the concrete ground. Be careful when using the gun since it can be a bit dangerous if you don’t know how to use it.

Step 3 – Add the Sides

Now that the square base is ready you can start building the frame of the four sides following the instructions guide. Once again use the nail gun to fasten the pieces together and always take measurements before adding the pieces. Make sure that the four sides are properly vertically standing using the hand level to avoid problems with the roof top.

Step 4 – Create the Roof Top

After setting up the sides, now you can start creating the roof of the square gazebo. Use the wood supply in the kit and always fasten the pieces together with the nail gun. Then you can start finishing the roof by installing the other pieces which should complete the roof top. Start from the very top and always move down until you reach the sides. Make sure to install the roof parts properly to prevent any water dropping into the gazebo.

Step 5 – Finishing the Gazebo

Now you can add the remaining parts to the sides and the floor of the gazebo. Add these parts carefully and set them as accurately as possible since these parts will give your gazebo a unique look. Once you have finished setting up the gazebo, give it a double coating of protective wood stain to protect your gazebo from all the elements.

Now it is up to you to decorate your square gazebo in order to make it a great addition to your garden environment. However, from time to time make sure to give your square gazebo some maintenance since the wood can get damaged after some years.