How to Build a Steel Fence

What You'll Need
Steel fencing and accessories
post hole digger
tape measure
wrench and Pliers

A steel fence is a durable type of fence that can be built to guard a property from unauthorized entry as well as to add an ornamental value to a home. It also keeps children from getting outside the home without an adult’s permission. It even keeps pets inside the house and restricts them from getting out. Unlike wooden fences, a steel fence is not vulnerable to decay and can be used for a very long period of time. It can be used to surround a yard, a swimming pool, or any other type of property that needs fencing. Building a steel fence can be done as long as one has the necessary skills, tools and materials. One of the easiest fences to install is a steel fence using chain links. Below is a short guide to building a good solid fence for your property.

 Step 1–Design the Steel Fence

Measure the whole perimeter of the yard or the enclosing area to be fenced. Plan out the spacing between fence posts and determine how much fencing is needed for the project. This information can be provided by a company procuring fencing materials or services or can be found online.

Step 2–Drive Stakes on Each Post Location

Drive a stake into every point where the posts will be installed according to the set plan for post spacing. Use a tape measure to ensure that each post location is accurate and according to measure. Make certain that the points are set in a straight line. Make use of strings and attach them from one post to another to check if the coordinates are correctly placed.

Step 3–Start Digging

Start digging holes deep enough to hold the steel posts in place. The holes should be at least two feet deep to provide a strong foundation. A post hole digger is perfect for this task. If such an instrument is not available, a shovel will be a good alternative.

Step 4–Position the Posts

Position the posts in each hole and place the post caps on top of each of them. Make sure that each post is set firmly in the ground. Make use of a level for this task. Ensure that the posts do not tilt to one side before proceeding with the next steps.

Step 5–Pour in Concrete

Mix a good amount of concrete, pour it in every hole and wait for it to dry.

Step 6–Install the Top Rail

Install the top rails by sliding them into the loop caps on top of the posts. If the rail is too long, cut off the extra and make sure the rail is long enough to fit into the caps.

Step 7–Install the Chain Link Fencing

Unroll the chain link fence and install on the built steel posts according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Make sure the links are stretched tightly enough. Fasten the fencing to the posts nicely using fastening materials.