How to Build a Steel Prefab Carport How to Build a Steel Prefab Carport

What You'll Need
Post hole digger
Screw driver
Measuring tape
Circular saw
Paint brush

Building a steel prefab carport isn't a tough task if you know what you're doing. Many people build their prefab carport when they do not already have a garage at their home, or even if they have one but need extra space for storage. If you find yourself in this type of situation, it is pretty simple to build one on your own with just a little help from a partner. If you are new to this type of work though, you can follow this step by step guide to help you through the process.

Step 1 - Prepare

Start out by making sure that you check with your local building and permit office and get a permit if need be. Some cities will require a permit, others may make you pay to do building, but it will vary from town to town. Always be sure that you are checking though, because you don’t want to get fined later on for building without one. Another thing that you want to check into is whether or not you have power lines in the area where you plan on building. A lot of the time, people have power lines that run above or below and they need to have them moved or get permission to build near them. You also want to prepare the area to make sure that nothing will get in the way. Sweep and clean the ground and rid the spot of any unwanted plants.

Step 2 - Set Up the Posts

Measure where you want your posts to be. You can either dig with a shovel or if you are going into a more sturdy ground, use a post hole digger. Before digging, measure to make sure that every angle is right and that the sides are even. Place the posts into each hole. Once it is in the desired spot, pour concrete around it to help it set. Allow the concrete to set for about 24 hours before you attach the roof. While it may seem like the concrete is dry and can be built further on, it is safest to wait so that you know for sure. This way you can avoid any problems with sinking or moving when it comes to the carport.

Step 3 - Attach the Roof

Attaching the roof is one of the simplest parts of this project. You can attach it using rubber washers or it may even snap or tie on. Check the manual that comes with the type of roof that you are installing to find out the exact directions. You will most likely need a ladder and a helper for the roof attachment. Typically it is easiest to have someone holding one end of the roof and then the other person attaching it to the posts so that it doesn’t move around while you work. Also, having someone hold the ladder will be a big help in the safety department. 

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