How to Build a Stone Barbecue

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  • 16-24 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 3,000-5,500
What You'll Need
Metal grill
Mortar mix
Metal braces
Large flat stones
Chipping hammer

A stone barbecue can be an ideal tool for cooking in your yard or outdoor area. Many families like to participate in outdoor barbecues as long as the weather permits. But these barbecues may cost you a lot of money. You can build a barbecue made of stone yourself, and it will not be as expensive as the purchasable barbecues that you find in stores. Basically, a stone barbecue is made of stones and a grill made from metal.

Once you have a stone barbecue in your outdoor area, you can invite your family and friends to your house and cook dinner for them on your stone barbecue. Keep in mind that you have to make a difficult decision before you start building. First, you need to decide the type of stone that you are going to use to build a barbecue.

Step 1 – Selecting the Location of the Barbecue

Apart from choosing the type of stone you want to use, you also need to choose the location in your outdoor area where you want to build your personal stone barbecue. It is a good idea if you build it near the kitchen, at the same time it must not be close to plants, shrubs or fences. This should be done to avoid unnecessary accidents and fire hazards. If you have some things in your outdoor area that may catch fire, keep them away from the barbecue.

Step 2 – Checking the Government’s Regulations

Pay a visit to the local government and ask whether you need to have a permit to build a stone barbecue at your house, and check also the rules and regulations that you must obey when you are building or using the barbecue.

Step 3 – Laying the Stones

Put the first layer of large flat stones on the ground and fill the spaces between the stone with the mortar mix. Keep placing other layers until you see that the structure is high enough, and do not forget to fill the gaps in every layer with the mortar mix.

Step 4 – Laying the flagstone

Lay the flagstone on the outer side of the barbecue and fill the spaces with mortar again. Make sure that you remove excess mortar when you lay the flagstone. You can use a chipping hammer if you feel that the stone requires shaping.

Step 5 – Placing the Metal Braces and Grill

Place the metal braces on the last stone layer of the barbecue. Make sure that you put the braces in the mortar, not on the stones. The braces are intended to hold the grill, so put the metal grill on the braces after you fix the braces into the mortar. Wait for the mortar to dry for a few days, then you can freely use the stone barbecue whenever you want.

Remember that the dimensions and structure of the stone barbecue depend on your likings. You can build the barbecue in any way you like as long as it does not collapse. The number of things required for such a project may vary depending on how large you want the barbecue to be