How to Build a Stone Paver Flower Bed

What You'll Need
Stones Pavers
Rock Chisel
Old Hose
Measuring Tape
Paper and Pencil
Spray Paint

You can plan your stone paver flower beds to give an attractive appearance to the landscape of your lawn. Retaining walls are generally used to build to a beautiful flower bed. There are several choices available for making the flower bed border, such as using stone pavers for edging. Here are some simple steps to make a flower beds using stone pavers:

Step 1: Planning the Flower Bed

Plan where you want to make the flower bed. Flowers create a year-round interest. Locate the bed for easy watering and the best sunlight. The size will depend on the area available and the amount of gardening you want to accomplish. For deciding the shapes, outline the flower with stakes, string and a measuring tape. Balance the symmetry.

Step 2: Calculating the Number of Stones Required

Mark the boundary of the retainer wall on the ground with string. Place the rope along the boundary and measure the length of the rope. Decide on the size of the paver stone you will be using and measure its length. You can find the number of stones in one layer. Calculate the number of layers of stones you will need to raise the bed. Multiply the number of rows with amount of stones required in each row to get the total number of stones required.

Step 3: Leveling the Ground

Dig a trench about 3-inches deep. Make the ground for retainer wall of the flower bed level with a shovel. Add crushed stones and tramp them to level the foundation. If the ground is not level the wall will not be even and may eventually give way.

Step 4: Laying the Pavers

Lay the first layer of stone pavers on the leveled foundation. Use a level to keep the pavers even. Tramp and level the ground by removing or adding dirt or crushed stone.

Step 5: Staggering Rows

Lay the next row of the pavers. Start with a half-cut piece in the beginning so that all pavers are staggered and joints will not overlap. Install all subsequent layers in this way. If required, you can seal the top face joints of the wall with adhesive.

Step 6: Filling the Bed

Fill the bed with mud and sand to a level about 3 inches lower than the wall. Prepare the soil for planting.