How to Build a Storage Cabinet for Cooking Utensils How to Build a Storage Cabinet for Cooking Utensils

What You'll Need
Drawer knobs
Wood glue
Drawer runner
Drawer knobs or pull
Measuring tape
Paint or stain

Storage cabinets help you to keep the kitchen clutter free, especially if you are fond of cooking and have lot of cooking utensils in the kitchen. Storage cabinets meant for storing cooking utensils are a bit different than the other storage cabinets of kitchen. The reason is, kitchen utensils come in varied sizes and shapes; hence, the inner compartments of storage cabinets for cooking utensils are also different. Though you can get them custom made, the costs are bound to skyrocket. Instead, try them building on your own.

Step 1 – Analyze

First, have a look at all types of cooking utensils you wish to store in the cabinets. Try to group them based on their size and utility. Take an accurate measurement of the biggest (height wise and width wise) utensils in each group. This will help you to decide the size of the drawers. Make sure that height of the drawers is more than that of your vessels so that they can be placed easily. Measure the kitchen space that will be used for building the cabinet. These cabinets can be custom designed for space below the kitchen slab or on free wall space. Decide according to the present setting of your kitchen as well as your requirement. Based on all these factors, decide the number of shelves, the height, and width and depth for the cabinet to be built.

Step 2 – Draft

Go through the different designs of the kitchen storage cabinets available on the Internet or in the brochures or pamphlets given by the retailer. Think of a design that would suit your needs and prepare a draft.

Step 3 – Cut

Transform the measurements on to the wood and start cutting. If it is too cumbersome, get pre-cut wood according to your requirements. To avoid confusions, number them or label them accordingly.

Step 4 – Assemble

Prepare the frame of the cabinet with the help of screws or nails. Mark the positions of the drawers on the frame. Assemble the drawers and glue the dividers. Finally, fix the drawer runner at the bottom of the drawer and at the places you have marked in the cabinet frame. Fix it to the back of the cabinet.

Step 5 – Glaze

Check for the level and sturdiness of the cabinet you have built. Sandpaper the entire unit before assembling the drawers. Fill the holes and gaps with putty. Then stain or paint the storage cabinet.

After it has dried thoroughly, fix the knobs or pulls in each of the drawers. Make sure that the paint and knobs match and blend with the other furniture or cabinets in the kitchen.


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