How to Build a Swamp Cooler How to Build a Swamp Cooler

What You'll Need
Water source
Bale of hay
Staple gun
One roll of chicken wire
Wire cutters
Sand paper
4 pieces of 1-by-4 foot lumbar boards

If you are looking to build a swamp cooler  to help cool a room through evaporation then you can do it with ease. Follow these few steps to help you through the process.

Step 1 - Sand

The first thing that you are going to want to do is sand each of the boards using the sander to make sure that they are smooth. You can either use a piece of sand paper and run it across each board or to make things easier and quicker you can use a sander.

Step 2 - Build a Frame

Using the 4 pieces of board and nails, hammer them together in the shape of a frame. The frame should be 4 sided and open. You can do this by attaching the first board to the next in the corner with nails and then from there you can move to the other end of the board and attach the next one and so on until you have complete square frame. Once you have it nailed together you will want to lay it down flat on the ground and make sure that everything is even and level.

Step 3 - Add Chicken Wire

Make sure for this step that you are wearing both gloves and safety goggles as the edges of the chicken wire can be dangerous if you come into contact with them. You will want to use the wire cutters to cut out a piece of chicken wire to fit over the first side of the open frame. Staple the chicken wire to the side. Then cut another piece of chicken wire of the same size for the other side. Staple just the top half on to the frame on the other side and leave the other half un stapled.

Step 4 - Fill with Hay

Take an entire bundle of hay and fill the frame between the chicken wire gates completely. Once you have all of the hay packed inside you can use the staple gun to staple the remaining edges of chicken wire onto the frame.Then you can wet the hay until it is completely damp and put it in front of the fan so that it blows through.When it comes to the hay you will need to replace it after every 5 to 6 uses. You can use it on and off for a few days but then it will get soggy or eventually mold so while it is great for short term use, you may want to consider buying a lot of hay up front.

To check to make sure that it is working properly you can record the temperature of the room or area before you make it and then every few hours after that you will want to check it again to see that it is going down and actually cooling.

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