How to Build a Swim-Up Bar

What You'll Need
Cement bar stools
Water proof paint
Paint brush

Building a swim up bar adds a fresh feeling to your pool and back yard. It is great for entertaining and not hard to do at all for your in ground pool. Here are a few steps to help you through this process.

Step 1 - Prepare

The first thing that you will want to do is drain the pool so that you can gain access to the bottom and secure the stools properly. While you are waiting for the pool to drain, you can prepare the stools. Oftentimes they are cement and you will want to paint them to make them match the interior of your pool. You can do this easily with waterproof paint and a paint brush. Make sure to cover the entire stool and allow it to dry completely. Also, if there are any changes you want to make on the bar you can do it while still out of the water. You may consider painting the bar depending on the design you choose. However, they often come ready to be installed into the pool and you won't have to do anything to it.

Step 2 - Install Bar

Now you can install the bar. Most times when purchasing the swim up bar you can find the bottom with brackets that the legs go into. You will need to drill the brackets into the bottom of the pool and secure them so that they are tight. Be sure to cover any holes that you have made during this process or you will have future problems with the pool draining. Then, insert the legs of the pool into the brackets. If there is not way to secure them you will want to cement them in. You can do this easily by making a mixture of cement and water that has the consistency of cake batter in a bucket. Then, pool around each leg to ensure that it is secure. Allow to dry for 48 hours before filling with water.

Step 3 - Install Stools

Now you will be able to line up and install the stools that you like. You will do the same thing with the bottom and drill and screw the brackets into the bottom of the pool. Be sure to cover any holes. Then, insert the post or legs of the stool into the brackets and then pour the cement over the secure them and allow to dry.

Step 4 - Make Changes

You want to make sure that everything is sturdy and how you like it before you begin filling the water back into the pool. Doing this now will avoid from having to drain the pool again and fix any problems later on which takes time and money to do.

Once you have finished everything and allowed to it dry for a few days, you can fill the pool back up with water and test out your new swim up bar.