How to Build a Table Saw Cabinet

A table saw cabinet is a great place to store your table saw. People with limited carpentry experience can build a table saw cabinet at home. Here is a simple guide on how to build a cube shaped cabinet of 4 feet along with a door and a working surface at home to store your table saw.

Tools and Materials Needed

• 4/8 foot plywood sheets with 3½ inch thickness and of high quality
• 2½ inch iron nails
• 5/8 inch wood screws
• Circular saw
• Sandpaper of 300 grits
• Hammer
• Screwdriver
• Stainless steel latch
• Stainless steel heavy duty hinges – 2 numbers
• Handle of your choice
• Measuring tape
• Safety glasses

Step 1: Cut the plywood pieces for the cabinet

For a 4 feet cube shaped cabinet, measure and cut three square pieces of 4 feet. These pieces will form the top, back and bottom of your cabinet. Next, cut two pieces measuring 3 feet 10½ inches by 4 feet. These pieces will form the sides of your cabinet. Lastly cut the door of the cabinet which is a square piece measuring 3 feet 10¼ inches on each side. Now carefully sand the sides of each of the pieces to ensure that the surface is smooth and no shrapnel are sticking out.

Step 2: Building the Square Structure

Start with 2 square pieces measuring 4 feet each. Stand these pieces vertically, positioning them parallel to each other with 4 feet distance between them. Now stand the third square piece of 4-feet length and width vertically between the first two to form the back of your cabinet. Attach these 3 pieces with iron nails and hammer (or with the help of a nail gun). Now you have a basic structure to carry on with the rest of the construction.

Step 3: Attach the Top and the Bottom

Now take one piece of the board measuring 3 feet 10½ inches x 4 feet and attach it to the bottom of the structure. Similarly attach another piece of 3 feet 10½ inches x 4 feet board to the top of the structure. As done previously, you can either use nails and hammer or a nail gun to do the job.

Step 4: Attach the Door

Attach the hinges on right side of your cabinet structure towards the front. The placement of the hinges should be done to ensure that the door opens and closes properly. The hinges need to be placed at the edges and at a distance of 1 foot from each other. Now attach the square piece measuring 3 feet 10 ¼ inches as the door to the hinges. Ensure that the placement of the door is done correctly enough so that it fits snugly within the structure and opens and closes properly. Lastly attach a handle to the left side of the door.

Now that your table saw cabinet is ready, you can either apply a clear coat of primer, wood stain or a paint of your choice. Primer stains and paints would prevent the wood from rotting and ensure longevity of the cabinet.