How to Build a Tea Cart

Lead Image for How to Build a Tea Cart
  • 6-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 45-200
What You'll Need
2 Pieces of wood in the shape and size you desire
5 Decorative spindles
4 Wheels, locking
Decorative trim
Wooden brackets
Caps for wooden spindles
Paint or stain
Sand paper
Tack cloth
Variable speed drill with drill and screw bits
Wood screws
Wood glue

You want a tea cart to entertain your friends but you don't want to purchase one from the store. As a true do-it-yourselfer, you choose to make your own tea cart but you are not sure how to begin. By following the instructions here you can create a beautiful tea cart you will be proud to present to your friends.

Beginning Assembly

Before you begin your project draw up plans on what you wish your tea cart to look like. You can find a plan on the Internet or you can design your own tea cart. Figure out your measurements and what functions you want your cart to perform. After you have determined this, with dimensions and measurements in hand, visit your local home store to acquire the pieces you need. Most home stores will cut your items to fit, which is a great way to keep the assembly manageable. Take your acquisition home and set it up to build. Sand all wood surfaces down to make sure you have smooth edges and sides. Use the tack cloth to remove the dust from the sanding. Using your stain or paint cover all surfaces before assembly, including finishing all dowels, spindles, and flat surfaces. This will ensure that your finish is done evenly with no issue of dripping paint or uneven staining. Let dry.


Attach the spindles to the top of the bottom tray using screws that attach from the bottom up to keep them from showing. Attach the top tray to the top of the spindles, making sure that you have a square assembly. To keep the wood from splitting, drill guide holes in the spindles and the trays before putting in the screws. Using wood glue will help to make a firmer connection between parts. Counter-sink the top screws and attach decorative caps to cover the screw holes. Apply wood glue to the decorative trim and the edges of the tray. Wait until the glue is partially dry and very tacky before putting the trim on the tray edges. This will help to keep the trim in place while the glue is drying completely.

Finishing Assembly

Mark location on each corner, 2 inches in from edges, for each caster. Use the drill bit again to create pilot holes to keep the screws from splitting the wood. Screw your wheel casters on the bottom of the cart making sure you have used proper wood screws to ensure proper hold. Lock all the wheels. Make sure that all your connections are good and tight, turn the cart over and install the handle on your tea cart with the wooden brackets at a comfortable height.

Apply The Finishing Touches

When your new cart is completely built inspect all joints and wipe any excess glue off. Cover all exposed screw holes with caps and enjoy teatime with your friends.