How to Build a Tiki Bar in Your Backyard

What You'll Need
4 Tiki torches
1 gallon of Citronella-scented oil
Glass covered candles
Approximately 10 feet of bamboo motif decoration reeds
6 thick bamboo poles
Coarse rope
Outdoor lighting
Fish net with assorted seashells
Palm branches
Potted bamboo and palm plants
Wicker furniture
Plastic Hawaiian leis
Construction grade plywood
Several 2 by 4 pieces of wood

If you want to build a Tiki bar in your backyard it can be enormous fun, is very quick and easy to do and will raise your status as a great neighborhood entertainer. Home made Tiki bars are a unique way to celebrate the end of the cold winter months and the coming of summer. Think of exotic bamboo torches, cooling Mai Tai drinks and the money you can save by bringing a touch of the tropical islands into your own back yard.

 Step 1 - Construction of the Bar

Using the 2 by 4 pieces of wood and plywood, construct a wooden façade with 2 sides and a front. Cover this front with a top going across the front and to each of the sides. Using the bamboo poles, cut them to fit around the front and sides of the top of the bar as well as along the bottom sides and front facing where guests will sit. Cover the front and sides of the bar with bamboo reeds. Attach a bamboo pole along the bottom front of the bar for a foot rest.

Step 2 - Build a Festive Bar Canopy

Secure 4 of the thick bamboo poles into the ground several feet away from each corner of the bar. Attach cross member bamboo poles using heavy, coarse rope. These may or may not need screws to secure them, before being covered with the coarse rope. Cover this assembly with fish netting and stretch it tightly across the poles. Decorate the netting with starfish, sea shells and several leis.

Step 3 - Cover the Roof

Homeowners with palm trees will be all too eager to have you cart away their fallen fronds, especially if you volunteer to help remove a few. Palm tree fronds, especially when weathered, make a wonderful, authentic and romantic roof for a Tiki bar. This is a lot less expensive than purchasing thatching for a roof. Additionally, before placing the fronds on the roof, consider installing a colorful tarp to add to the décor.

Step 4 - Lighting

String the outdoor lighting along the front and sides of the roof, and winding down each of the of the canopy bamboo poles. Place citronella-scented Tiki torches a safe distance from the bar, preferably in back of it, to accent the outdoor lighting. Citronella oil will also repel bothersome insects. Covered, scented candles should be placed strategically around the bar to augment the stringed lights.

Step 5 - Tiki Bar Decor

To add greater authenticity to your Tiki bar consider purchasing wicker outdoor, patio furniture. Place wicker bar stools around the bar and the wicker chairs next to gaily decorated wicker tables. Nothing enhances a mood like candles, so place scented candles on each table. For a final touch to your Tiki bar, decorate it by placing the potted bamboo or palm plants in each corner of the bar.