How to Build a Tiled Walk-In Shower Part 2

What You'll Need
Tile grout
Tile adhesive
Shower wall tiles
2-foot framing square
4-foot level
Serrated trowel
Sliding tile cutter
Side pull cutters

This is the second part in our series of how to build a tiled walk in shower. If you'd like to return to Part 1, click here, or to skip ahead to Part 3, click here. In this part, we will focus on how to tile the shower walls and add shower fixtures. When buying shower wall tiles and shower fixtures, most people generally stick to the norm of white, beige, cream, stainless steel, and chrome. Adding a splash of color lends much needed creative life to the bathroom.

Step 1 - Squaring the Walls

With a 2-foot framing square, check to see if the walls are square with the other walls and with the shower floor pan which holds the drain.

Step 2 - Making Room for the Plumbing Fixtures

Draw a vertical line from the shower head's center, the spigot, and the shower control knob. This line should be straight. Then draw a straight horizontal line where the hot and cold taps and the shower control know in order for the lines to form a cross with perfect 90°.

Step 3 - Applying the Adhesive on the Dry Wall

Mix the tile grout according to the instructions on the packet before filling all of the cracks. In order to get the nice concave depressions in the lines between the tiles, use a curved pointing tool. The excess grout should then be cleaned with a damp rag before letting it dry. With a serrated trowel, apply the tile adhesive around the middle of the wall. The tile adhesive packaging should contain instructions on how to apply the tile adhesive.

Step 4 - Applying the Tiles on the Dry Wall

Starting from the bottom corner that is the closest to the plumbing fixtures, apply the tiles row by row horizontally until you reach the top. You may need to cut the tiles in the last row. Do so using the sliding tile cutter. You can invest in a small personal tile cutting machine that is sold at your local hardware store. If tiling is not in your future for long, you can opt to rent out a machine that cuts tiles for this project alone.

Step 5 - Applying the Tiles

In the previous step, you divided the wall into 4 parts. Apply the tile adhesive to 1 of the quadrants and place a tile aside the shower control knob. Trim this tile in order for it to perfectly fit it around around the shower knob with side pull cutters. You will need to do this for all of the remaining wall quadrants.