How to Build a Tire Storage Rack

Lead Image for How to Build a Tire Storage Rack
  • 4-5 hours
  • Beginner
  • 100-200
What You'll Need
1/4 x4-inch lag screws
2x4-inch boards. 12 feet long (quantity can vary)
4-inch threaded pipe (4)
Pipe flanges (8)
Drywall screws
A level
Measuring device
Electric drill with 5/8 spade bit and 3/16 drill bit

A tire storage rack is a simple DIY project that will free up space in your garage or shop. You will generally want to build one next to a wall and preferably in a corner so it is out of the way. We will go over the steps to build a wooden rack with three layers. You might want to have fewer shelves or more shelves depending on the height of your garage and your personal needs. You will need a few materials and tools for the job.

Cutting and Framing the First Layer

Start building your tire storage rack from the bottom up. Cut two 22-inch boards and two five-foot boards. Make a rectangular frame and hold it together using the clamps. Check that it is perfectly aligned using the level. Use the lag bolts to hold them together. Alternatively, you can use nails, but lag bolts will provide you with a sturdier rack. You will want to sink the bolts on the outer edges so they don’t stick out on the sides.

Build the Feet

Next, you will build the feet that the tire storage rack will stand on. Apply four of the flanges underneath each corner of the first frame. Use the drywall screws to hold them in place. Screw a threaded pipe into each of the corner flanges. Now screw in a flange at the bottom of each of the threaded pipes.

You should now have the first layer done and standing on its feet. This is a good time to level out any unevenness by tightening or loosening the flanges on the feet. Check this using your level.

Middle Layer

Construct another layer of the tire storage rack exactly as you did with the first one. Once you have that done you will need to cut two vertical pillars to hold it on top of the first one. The height required for these two pillars will vary based on your needs. Decide on it using a tire and adding a few more inches. After cutting the two upright 2x4-inch planks, attach them at each side of the first layer, as centered as possible. Hold it in place using two drywall screws, hammered from the bottom up.

Now place the middle layer on top of the two pillars, center it and hold it in place using more screws. You can also use wood glue at the joints for extra strength. If you plan to have more than three shelves in your tire storage rack, repeat this step for each of them.

Final Layer

Cut and fit another frame as you did for the first and middle layer. Cut another set of two pillars from the 2x4-inch wood. If you want the second shelf to be bigger or smaller than the first one, you can cut these longer or shorter accordingly. Attach the pillars to the middle layer and the top shelf using the drywall screws. Your tire storage rack is now complete.