How to Build a Trundle Bed

What You'll Need
Corner brackets
Measuring tape
Normal bed
Wood glue
Tack cloth
Stain or paint
Clean rags
Sliding discs

A trundle bed is an incredibly handy invention when you have very little room to spare and happen to have frequent house guests. A trundle bed is the same size as a regular bed but is very low-profile, so it rests on the floor or close to it. It does have a mattress and resembles a regular bed with the only exception being the height. Buying a trundle bed can be expensive, but making one is surprisingly easy, and the information contained below will show you how to make one.

Step 1 – Sizing the Trundle Bed

This may be the most difficult part of making a trundle. Use the tape measure to measure the height of the bed where it will be stored. You only need to concern yourself with the space underneath. Subtract several inches from this number to come up with a maximum height of the trundle bed. This helps with the clearance aspect of sliding the trundle bed in and out from under the main bed. Measure the dimensions of the mattress you are going to use with the trundle bed. Allow an inch or so for clearance so the mattress can fit comfortably inside the frame. The only way a trundle bed can work is if the trundle bed is smaller than or the same size as the bed it is stored under.

Step 2 – Cut the Wood

Putting together the trundle bed is fairly easy, but you will need to trim the wood. The 2x4 are used for the actual frame of the bed, while the plywood is the base. Use the measurements you took in Step 1 and trim the 2x4 to those lengths. If you are not comfortable with using a saw, you may be able to get them cut for free from the place you purchased them from. The plywood will also need to be trimmed to size. If the space under the normal bed is adequate, then use two sheets of plywood for the base.

Step 3 – Assemble the Trundle Bed

If you are using a double base, then stack the plywood and attach them together with a nail at each corner. Fill in the edges with a nail every foot and a few in the center. Place each of the 2x4 along the side of the base and nail in place. On the inside of the frame, at each corner, place a corner bracket.

Step 4 – Finishing the Trundle Bed

Use the hammer to sink the nails in below the surface and fill the space with wood glue. Once it dries, sand the excess to a flat surface. Flip the trundle bed over and apply strong glue to each corner and place a sliding on top. You can, if you want, sand the entire frame then paint and stain it. This depends on the type of wood and your desire to make it look good.